The World of Pregnancy

How Many Weeks Am I Based on Due Date?

If you decide to find out the answer to the question “How many weeks am I based on due date?” you`ll find it out more about your baby even from before keeping him in your arms.

Pregnancy represents a reason of joy for most mothers. As natural, once you find out the beautiful news, there`re many curiosities that start along with the desire of knowing a lot of things about the development of your baby in your womb. So it`s only logical for lots of mothers to ask themselves in how many weeks they are pregnant or how is the gestational age calculated.How Many Weeks Am I Based on Due Date Continue reading

What Does a Positive Ovulation Test Look Like?

If you decided to have a child, some of the secrets of planning a pregnancy are to understand the process of ovulation and determine the fertile period. There are several combined methods to establish the fertile period: the calendar`s method, basal body temperature measurement, monitoring the cervical mucus and hormonal monitoring by performing ovulation tests.What Does a Positive Ovulation Test Look Like Continue reading

What Happens if a Yeast Infection Goes Untreated?

A yeast infection defines as an infection produced by fungi that usually live in the vagina. In case of fungal vaginal infections, the scientific term is Candida, and the most frequent type of yeast infection is Candida albicans. It`s estimated that around 20% – 50% from healthy women will develop vaginal candiadiasis in time. Continue reading

Breastfeeding after Caesarean Birth: Advice, Advantages & Positions!

Breastfeeding, a normal physiological experience and natural way of feeding babies in the first stage of their life, is a sensitive issue and may be a source of concern for future mothers, who may be worried that they won`t be able to handle it.

When breastfeeding takes place after a Caesarean birth, it may become a real challenge. Continue reading

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