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How Is Thrombophilia Treated?

Every time we cut ourselves and we damage a blood vessel, we obviously bleed; however, soon the bleeding stops. Why? At the damaged vessel`s level, there`s a blood clot, also known as thrombus, which clings to the actual blood vessel and stops the bleeding. Thrombus represents the result of a complex process of coagulation that involves particular proteins, enzymes and cells.

How Is Thrombophilia Treated

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How Can A Pregnant Woman Have A Comfortable Sleep?

Sooner or later, every future mother faces such problems – “How can a pregnant woman have a comfortable sleep?” or “Is it safe to sleep on my stomach during pregnancy?” Regular sleeping positions in everyday life become inappropriate at a certain stage of pregnancy for the woman. On top of that, there are also the changes that occur due to hormonal changes taking place in the body as well as the essential changes in the figure of your future mom.

How Can A Pregnant Woman Have A Comfortable Sleep

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What Is A Viable Pregnancy?

Have you encountered the term “viable pregnancy” by now? Are you interested in finding out more about what a viable fetus means? This are questions for which you need an answer before conceiving, if you want your 9 months of pregnancy to really represent the most beautiful period of time of your life, and not needing to worry every single day of your pregnancy.

What Is A Viable Pregnancy

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Is It Safe To Use Shampoo During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy represents an important period of time during your life when you have to make lots of choices. You have to give up those demanding 5-mile runs, but that shouldn`t be too hard. You`ll need to give up those tasteful Italian combos at your favorite restaurant; a bit harder, but you know you`ll have to do it. However, these aren`t that hard to accomplish, because they are on the radar of every expecting mother and they have all become almost common knowledge by now. But there are other choices that you need to take into account during pregnancy that are less obvious – like giving up your shampoo or not.

Is It Safe To Use Shampoo During Pregnancy

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