The World of Pregnancy

What To Wear During Pregnancy?

Sometimes you may spend so much time looking for clothes for your future child, decorating his room or going to medical examinations that you simply forget to think about yourself. But as weeks pass and the little one grows inside of you, you`ll soon realize that there`s no way to escape: you have to buy some new clothes.

What To Wear During Pregnancy

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Interesting Things To Know About The Child`s Brain

We have the tendency to believe that babies are ignorant, helpless little beings who know only how to cry when they are hungry or sleepy. But scientists have found that there`s much more going on in their mind. We can help them by speaking to them more frequently or reading them out loud, these being activities which have been proven to stimulate the development of the brain.

Interesting Things About The Child`s Brain

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Sex During Pregnancy: 10 Reasons Why It Will Bring You Benefits!

There are too many superstitions or myths related to sex while pregnant that we don`t really know what to think anymore. We aren`t sure of what is true or what isn`t? Can we have sex while expecting a baby or not? Is it safe or harmful to have sex while pregnant? Beyond the medical issues in which the doctor may recommend you to avoid sexual contacts while pregnant, there are a lot more reasons why sex while pregnant is beneficial.

Sex During Pregnancy

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