The World of Pregnancy

How Do You Handle Your Tummy At Work?

Maybe you are waiting for the “big moment” for a long time, or maybe it just happened. No matter the situation, when you decided to bring a life into this world, you cannot put your life on hold for 9 months. So after the first emotions appear, questions rise as well: “How do I handle my work if I`m pregnant?”, “How will my co-workers get the news?” or “Will my pregnancy be affected by the daily schedule of my work?”

Handle Your Tummy At Work

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Anemia In Pregnancy: How Can You Tell If You`re Anemic?

Anemia in pregnancy is a common issue, even frequently encountered in pregnant women. If you feel dizzy and weak, you should visit the doctor to perform some tests. It`s possible for you to not have enough iron in the organism, or to miss other nutrients. To have an idea about why you feel weak during pregnancy, you need to know the causes, signs and treatment of anemia. If left undetected and untreated, anemia while pregnant can lead to serious complications.

Anemia In Pregnancy

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