33 Weeks Pregnant

This is the beginning of the last trimester of pregnancy and you`ll averagely add an additional weight of 500g every week. Half of your weight is mostly represented by the weight gain of your child. Continue reading

Taking Progesterone to Get Pregnant

Have you thought about taking progesterone to get pregnant? If you did, then you most definitely need to know as much as you can about it. Continue reading

32 Weeks Pregnant

When being 32 weeks pregnant, you are in the 8th week of pregnancy and you may start to feel mild contractions, which is normal because the organism rehearses for labor. However, you can take certain measures to control these contractions, which after a while tend to become disturbing. Continue reading

31 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 31 weeks pregnant, you can be sure that both you and your baby are gaining weight rapidly. The lungs and digestive tract are almost mature now, and the baby will be able to close and open his eyes. His feeding necessities are particularly high now, and your body continues to grow now. Your skin will start to “glow” while you`ll begin enjoying your last weeks of pregnancy. Continue reading

Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms: 15 Signs that May Surprise You!

No matter how happy you`ll be to find out that there`s a new life in your belly, keep in mind that the period of the 9 months of pregnancy with all its pleasures and special moments, it`s also accompanied by unusual pregnancy symptoms. Continue reading

Linea Nigra: When Does It Appear & Advices to Prevent It?

Most bellies of pregnant women are crossed vertically by a dark line known medically as linea nigra. This is something absolutely normal and it doesn’t last forever. Continue reading

Get Rid of Candida Naturally: 5 Remedies that Will Work

Have you ever been interested in knowing how to get rid of candida? If you experienced this uncomfortable disease during pregnancy, you most definitely have been interested. Continue reading

Tomatoes during Pregnancy: Health Benefits & Nutritional Values

Are you pregnant? Have you yet consider consuming tomatoes during pregnancy by now? If not, let us go over the benefits that these vegetables bring to you in this amazing period of your life. Continue reading

Facts about Pregnancy: 15 Surprising Things You May Not Know

Have you ever been interested in finding facts about pregnancy rather different than those normal things that hear everyone talking? Have you been curious to know about strange facts, amazing facts, surprising facts or facts that go outside the ordinary? Continue reading

How Pregnant Am I?

You think you are experiencing some early pregnancy symptoms and you ask yourself: “How pregnant am I?” Continue reading


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