What to Expect at First Ultrasound?

Have you ever wondered what to expect at first ultrasound? In case of a pregnancy, ultrasound is the only method imaging method through which the baby can be seen without side effects and limiting the number of examinations. Continue reading

30 Weeks Pregnant

When being 30 weeks pregnant, you are in the 8th month of pregnancy or in the third trimester of pregnancy. So you have 9 or 10 weeks until the big event. This can be a reason for which you may become a bit nervous at times and may seem that the time will pass very slowly. Continue reading

Mucinex while Pregnant: Is is Safe to Take It?

Have you experienced a cold or flu and thought about using mucinex during pregnancy? If you did, it`s best to stay well informed because the 9 months of pregnancy represent a period in which you need to be careful at everything that can affect your organism. Continue reading

Kale during Pregnancy: What Benefits Can this Vegetable Bring?

What do you think about consuming kale during pregnancy? Many people haven`t even heard too much about this type of cabbage, not to mention about consuming it. Continue reading

29 Weeks Pregnant

When being 29 weeks pregnant, you may have some problems with your indigestion due to the increase in weight of your uterus. That`s why you`ll need to eat lots of foods rich in fibers specific to a pregnant woman`s diet, such as fresh fruits, vegetables or whole grains. Continue reading

28 Weeks Pregnant

You are now 28 weeks pregnant, which means you are at less than 3 months of your due date. From now on your visits to the doctor will become regular. If you registered to a Lamaze course, you`ll discover what are your options for birth, but also what advantages has breastfeeding your baby versus bottle feeding. Continue reading

50 Ways to Stay Healthy during Pregnancy

If you are trying to become pregnant or you are already pregnant, you probably already know that to stay healthy when you conceive a child and have a pregnancy without problems during the entire 9 months implies several changes to be included into your lifestyle. Continue reading

27 Weeks Pregnant

Being 27 weeks pregnant marks the end of the second trimester of pregnancy. If you didn`t registered for a Lamaze course yet, now it`s the best time to do it, especially because you`ll be able to finish it a month before reaching the 9 months of pregnancy. So, if the delivery will start before the due date, you`ll be ready. Continue reading

26 Weeks Pregnant

At 26 weeks pregnant, or 24 weeks from conception, your pregnancy is the second half of the second trimester. From now the physical changes are impossible to hide. Continue reading

25 Weeks Pregnant

When being 25 weeks pregnant or at 23 weeks of conception, while subcutaneous fat forms, the wrinkled skin starts to stretch and the fetus starts to resemble more and more with a newborn. His hair grows increasingly more and if you could see it, you could probably notice what color and texture will have his hair. Continue reading


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