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6 Tips That Can Help You Have an Ideal Birth

Do ideal births really exist? Yes, they do, although a lot of pregnant women are afraid that a lot can go wrong during birth. Will everything be alright? Will there be any complications?

Here you have 6 advices which can help to increase your chances in having an ideal birth.

1. Adrenaline Can Lead to Anxiety or Stress

Women tend to become defensive about certain birth practices, either from a physical or emotional point of view.

During labor, these emotions will cause a release of adrenaline which makes the blood flow from the woman`s uterus to her heart and brain. The rate for Caesarean birth is very high and the myths regarding the injuries that the mother or the baby suffers during birth are much too aggressive, so women have real reasons to become defensive when it comes to the way they give birth.

However, when the women aren`t able to overcome their fear, this will suppress the release of oxytocin. Oxytocin is the fuel required for the uterine contractions and the dilations of the cervix, and the low levels of oxytocin can affect labor, the baby, and may also increase the perception of pain through muscle tension.

To release yourself of any sense of defense, either conscious or subconscious, it`s essential to plan all the important steps you have to make. Talk to your doctor about any concerns you might have. He will be able to clear things for you and a few right answers to your questions might make a lot of difference. For most of the concerns a pregnant woman may have, it`s possible to create a plan to overcome them and build a sense of confidence required to get through labor.

2. Be Confident You Made the Best Choice

You need to be sure of yourself that you made the best choice when you decided on your partner, doctor, or how and where you give birth. If you have doubts, you need to be sure you know how to choose what is best for you and that you know all the answers needed for you to go forward. Stop judging all the feelings you may have and trust your instincts. Don`t ask the person next to you: “If it was you, what would you do?” It doesn`t matter what other persons would do because there aren`t those other persons who have to live with this decision. Trust yourself that you`ll always made the right calls regarding the birth of your baby or his growth.

3. Stop Fighting & Trust your Body!

Give in the process by trusting it! You need to stop thinking that everything should be in a certain way, such as the need that the place where you give birth should look in a certain way or that you need to hear a certain kind of music when you give birth. You don`t need to plan everything regarding birth no matter if you want to do it in a pool, on your knees, through a Caesarean birth, with or without your favorite doctor, or whatever. There is no way you can know or control everything no matter how much you would want it. Stop fighting and trust that your body will give birth to a healthy child and nothing wrong will happen.

4. Don`t Judge Others

This way of praise your own decisions will in fact judge the decisions of others. It`s important for all pregnant women to understand that they shouldn`t judge other people for their own beliefs. Releasing yourself of your own judgment will make yourself less defensive and will allow you to see the world through the lens of happiness. Better yet, try to repeat these phrases in your mind: “I`m perfect. My body is perfect. My baby`s birth will be perfect.”Ideal Birth

5. Be Grateful for Everything Good Happening

Counting blessings is the first step to get even more blessings. Acknowledge all the great things that you were able to accomplish until now. Be thankful for your healthy pregnancy, for your baby`s heart beats, for your strength during pregnancy and for the new experiences that you enjoy. Be grateful for the fact that the universe has giving you everything that you needed to go through it all without any problems.

6. Knowledge Will Make You Stronger

Take time to find online forums where other women just like you talk about their own experiences. You can even share your own experiences or ask for advices if you have any questions. Most likely you`ll find there the help you need to move forward. Online you`ll also find quality articles about the different stages of labor and what to expect during the entire process.

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