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6 Models of Strollers That May Interest You for Your Baby

There are a lot of different models of strollers out there, which means is almost impossible not to find something suitable for your desires.

Starting from the idea that the comfort and safety of your baby needs to be a priority when choosing what type of stroller to buy, below you`ll find the main characteristics of most models of strollers available on the market.

It`s recommended to direct your attention towards important brands when looking to buy a stroller. These manufacturers always apply the latest research and trends in the field regarding comfort, safety as well as ease in handling the stroller. This last aspect is an essential one if we are to consider the long period of time you`ll be using the stroller or how often it will be used.

1. Sports Type (Standard) Strollers

This type of stroller is very versatile, being able to use it immediately after birth (with the backrest completely collapsed) and until the baby will be able to walk on his own feet (2 or 3 years old). They are easy to handle, have all the basic accessories (support for milk bottles, bumper, etc) and they are usually preferred by parents for their efficiency and simplicity. Some models can be pretty heavy and can occupy a lot of space. However, they offer various options which can be used to fold them, even using only one hand for some models.

The standard sport-type stroller is the main choice for parents who admire simplicity and look for safety and comfort at an affordable price. In case that parents decide to purchase a standard stroller (without accessories such as car shells), it`s recommended for them to go with a stroller manufactured by a reliable brand and choose from those models which allow you collapse the backrest completely because during the first months of their life, newborn babies should be placed on plans that are perfectly flat.

2. The 2 in 1 Stroller (With Shell or Holder)

It includes a standard stroller (with or without the possibility of collapsing the backrest) and a car shell. The system that comes with a shell is very useful for parents who use their car choosing to go shopping or for a walk in the park, and place their child in the shell inside the stroller, without bothering the baby from his own activities.

Once the child starts to become curious of everything around him, parents can lift up the backrest of the stroller a bit which until now it was collapsed. At 6 months, when the child can stay on his own bottom all alone, the backrest can be brought to a vertical position.

The strollers with a holder are generally used by parents who want to be sure their child stay in a perfect support plan. The holder can also be used in the car, being possible for it to be caught in safety belts particularly designed for this. Once the baby is able to keep his head straight on his own, the backrest of the holder can be raised a little to satisfy the curiosity of the child for all the things around him. After the baby reaches 6 months, you probably won`t need the holder anymore.

The 2 in 1 stroller is the ideal choice for a baby to go through his first 2 or 3 years of life safely and comfortably. They are reliable and easy to handle even though they are a bit more expensive than the standard strollers, which is pretty normal considering its accessories.

3. The 3 in 1 Stroller (With Shell and Holder)

This type of stroller represents the complete option when travelling with a baby. It includes a holder, sports-type stroller and car shell, this sometimes being the only model most parents will buy for their baby. It`s reliable, generally easy to handle, and represents a real investment considering its long duration of use.

The holder is used since birth until the baby can stay on his his own bottom, then being required to make the transfer to the sports-type option.

The car shell is generally used since birth until 9 to 12 months, being possible to be installed on the stroller`s support.

4. Strollers for Twins or Triplets

Did you know there are models of strollers for twins or triplets?

  • The stroller that includes one single seat wide enough to support 2 or 3 children to which the backrest doesn`t fold separately for each child.
  • The stroller that includes 2 or 3 seats joined together, attached to a metal frame and to which the backrest of each seat can be folded separately.
  • The stroller that includes 2 or 3 seats placed one behind the other one or facing each other, and which has an individual backrest that can be folded for each seat.

Some models of strollers for twins or triplets allow the installation of car shells on the stroller`s frame. This is available only for strollers with one single large seat, seats that are facing each other or those that are placed one behind the other.

The stroller can be handled pretty easily. If one of the children weighs more than the other, the stroller may incline to one side. Although these strollers can be folded as well, they occupy more space than a standard stroller. Also, running this type of strollers through public access doors, elevator doors or placing them into your car`s trunk can become problematic.6 Models of Strollers

5. Tandem Strollers

This type of strollers is used for 2 or 3 children and consists of a metallic frame with 2 or 3 seats placed one behind the other. They have the same width as the standard strollers which allow them easy entrance through public access doors or into elevators. There are models to which the backrest of all seats can be inclined and other ones with a fixed backrest.

There are models of tandem strollers in which the second seat is placed towards and somehow lower than the behind seat, which allows both children to see everything around them.

If it`s folded, it occupies less space than the standard stroller. Some models offer the possibility of installing car seats on their metallic frame. Some models are harder to handle, especially when it comes to turning back or climbing over a curb, and they also have more weight which makes them hard to use by some of the mothers.

6. Umbrella Strollers

These strollers have the lowest weight, which makes very quick to fold or carry. They are perfect for travels or short walks through the park or city when shopping. They are the cheapest strollers available on the market and quite easy to handle, being preferred by parents immediately after the baby becomes 1 year old. The seat sometimes can be folded completely, it doesn`t absorb bumps very well and is not the most comfortable stroller on the market. In the winter they are almost impossible to use as reliability isn`t their strongest point, risking to remain stuck with it in the snow. More than this, because of their compact size, the baby might feel uncomfortable if is placed between the seatbelts dressed with a lot of clothes. Most of them won`t allow you the instalation of a car shell.

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