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5 Things You Should Know for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a unique period of time during the life of any woman, there`s no doubt about it.

A healthy development of the baby is essential for any future mother. Here there are a few simple steps that can be followed to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

1. Eat Healthy

The health of your pregnancy will very much depend on your entire organism. A balanced diet is the main factor in its development. All that you choose to consume will reach your baby sooner or later as well. That`s why you need to follow the rules of a healthy diet.

First be sure you offer your organism the necessary intake of calcium, iron, vitamins and folic acid. Folic acid plays a key role in the development of the baby`s brain and his spine. Among the supplements with folic acid which are required in the first pregnancy weeks, you should take advantage of all the benefits offered by some foods and drinks such as orange juice, liver, dry bean, broccoli, lettuce, peanuts or peas. Also, be sure that fruits, vegetables, cheese, fish, white meat or natural juices are included in your daily diet.

Of course, as any pregnant woman you might crave for junk food which most of the time has very little nutritional value. You can consume them every now and then with the main condition that you don`t go overboard. Don`t abuse them and don`t make a habit from eating fast-food. Not only that your health and weight can be compromised, but you also risk hurting your baby. The toxins from such foods will reach your baby directly without you even noticing.

2. Don`t Forget to Contact your Doctor!

No matter if you are at your 1st or 2nd pregnancy, this period of 9 months is a period when you should be very careful with almost anything around you. You`ll need to endure a lot of changes and because your baby will develop very rapidly. That`s why you need to be sure everything will go as planned. To be sure of this, your visits to your doctor will have to become a routine throughout the whole 9 months. A specialist is the only person able to supervise your pregnancy and discover any possible issues or complications. Be sure all your tests will be fine as well as all your ultrasound during each of your pregnancy trimester. Delaying them, in some cases, can be fatal. That`s why is best if you will be well informed so you can prevent everything bad that might happen.

3. Workout Can Help

Doing simple physical exercises can help you maintain your weight in normal limits, but will also offer you the muscle tone you need during your pregnancy. Daily workout is of real benefit for your entire body. If the weather will allow you, do easy exercise outdoors, enjoy the nature and fresh air. Your brain and entire organs will be much more oxygenated and you`ll have a good sense of well-being.

Be careful of the degree of effort you`ll put into your exercises. If during your first pregnancy months you`ll be able to put more effort into your workout, when your pregnancy will progress, you`ll have to be more careful with the level of effort you put into each exercise you do. There are also specific exercises for pregnant women that you can easily do in the comfort of your home. Talk to your doctor first to advise you what exercises you are allowed to do and to what degree of effort. Don`t forget that from now on you need to think not only to yourself, but to your baby as well.

4. Get Enough Rest!

Try to get as much sleep as you possibly can because sleeping during pregnancy is essential for both you and your baby. Give your organism as much sleep as it needs. Each future mother has her own rhythm, so you are the only one who knows how much sleep you need. Although your first months of pregnancy will be somehow hard to endure because of the hormonal changes and pregnancy symptoms you go through, you don`t have to worry because all this is normal when you are pregnant and they`ll definitely pass in time.

One of the things you can do is to make a schedule and teach your organism how to rest. Otherwise, you`ll often feel irritated and you`ll feel emotionally unbalanced. To sleep better you can take short walks during the evening to get some fresh air, drink herbal tea (only what`s allowed by your doctor) or drink some warm milk before you go to bed.a Healthy Pregnancy

5. Say NO to Alcohol & Smoking

Alcohol and smoking are the biggest enemies during a pregnancy. Not only that you aren`t allowed to smoke, but it`s also recommended to avoid places where other people smoke. Such an environment is not healthy for you or your baby during pregnancy. Alcohol is also forbidden during this period. To better understand the gravity you need to know that these vices are directly responsible for various malformations of the heart and other organs as well as the appearance of Down syndrome to the fetus. By protecting yourself from these vices you also protect your pregnancy.

Take care of you and your baby by learning how to protect yourself and giving the necessary attention to your pregnancy. In the end, after the 9 months all you`ll want is to hold your healthy baby in your arms.

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