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Emma Green

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The Children’s Sexuality Shouldn`t Concern Parents

Sexuality is certainly still a taboo topic in a lot of countries; all the more when it comes to our own children. Who could imagine their own “baby” with an active sex life, right? Especially after decades, virginity was one of the most valuable assets a girl could have at marriage. However, let us not forget the most important thing: it`s called “intimate life” precisely because it`s just our, without others having a say in it.

Children's Sexuality

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Leg Cramps During Pregnancy: How To Prevent Them?

Lots of pregnant women suffer from leg cramps during pregnancy. They are involuntary painful contractions in the muscles – they occur frequently at night, especially in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Fortunately, many of these issues are of short duration and end with the moment of birth, the negative impact on mother being very small.Leg Cramps During Pregnancy Continue reading

10 Mistakes Men Do When It Comes To Sex

So, do you think you know pretty much everything there`s to know about sex, right? That women no longer have any secret, and if there`s a universally valid encyclopedia about eroticism, you wrote it in most part? The truth is somehow different though! In fact, a lot of the things men think they know are wrong. And the mistakes made can even be elementary and can be the key to a failed relationship. Women are many things, but open books they are not. And this observation is true in terms of their sexual behavior, not just how they behave in a relationship, for example.

Mistakes Men Do When It Comes To Sex

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