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5 Strange Things that Happen with the Baby while Being in your Womb

The conception of a child and the way the embryo is developing during the 9 months in the mother`s belly consist real wonders of nature.

There are many pregnant women out there who are searching for information about the development of their child. All of us want to know as much as possible about our future child so we can be sure he`ll develop as healthy as possible and everything will go as planned.

All mothers are curious and want to know what`s happening with their baby during the 9 months of pregnancy. During this period, there are also a lot of strange things that are happening and only a few future mothers have knowledge about them.

1. The Eyes Are Formed Before the Genes

Sleeping is part of our nature. Even so, strangely between the third and fifth month of pregnancy, the baby`s eyes start to develop, but there are no genes yet.

The eyes start to develop around the 8th week of pregnancy and are completely developed around the 12th week. However, the genes only start to develop around the fifth month. Before their developing, the eyes are covered with a thin and transparent membrane.

2. The Intestines Are Developing Outside of Fetus`s Body

Around the sixth week of pregnancy, the fetus starts to develop his intestines around his umbilical cord which feeds him for long as he is in the mother`s womb. Because his digestive system is very complex and his volume is pretty big to be able to fit into the body of a 6 week old fetus, the intestines start to develop outside the body of the fetus.

3. The Fetus Is Covered with a “Cheesy” Substance

Vernix caseosa (caseosa is coming from Latin and means “cheesy”) is a substance of a white-grey color, formed from sebaceous secretions and desquamated skin cells, which protects the fetus`s skin while is in the mother`s womb. The substance forms around the 8th month of pregnancy and is rather adherent to skin. It`s practically an impermeable layer that doesn`t allow the amniotic liquid to go through the fetus`s skin. More than this, because it has such a rich consistency, it helps the fetus to easily pass the woman`s vagina at birth.

4. The Fetus Practically Swims In his Own Urine and Fecal Material

A lot of women, even those who aren`t mothers, have probably heard of the “water brake” term and know that this represents a sign that a pregnant woman will soon give birth. Well, this water that is “breaking” is in fact the amniotic liquid.Baby while Being in your Womb

Most of the amniotic liquid is formed from the fetus`s urine and sometimes also from meconium, the baby`s first fecal material. This would normally need to be eliminated after birth, but there are situations when this happens before birth. Until the moment of birth, the fetus ingests his own urine, but this is completely harmless.

5. A Lot of Babies Are Born with Acne and Blisters

Even though for many of us acne is something about that shouldn`t concern us before we get to puberty, because of the mother`s hormones, acne can often appear to newborn babies as well. Thus, 40% to 50% of babies are born with acne or small blisters on their skin which can be similar to small spots of fat or even pimples. However, they are different than the acne that appears in puberty, and in most cases they disappear rather quickly during the first weeks of the baby`s life.

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