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7 Great Tips that Will Do Wonders for your Back Pain during Pregnancy

More than 50% of pregnant women confront with acute back pain, especially after the first trimester of pregnancy. The problem is that these back pains may persist even a few months after birth, if there are no measures taken to correct the position of the back.

What Does it Hurt?

First of all, the pain gets worse while the baby develops in your tummy. Because your belly gets bigger and heavier, you have the tendency of leaning back when standing. The result? Your center of gravity of your body changes, and your spine and lower back become subject to additional stress and tension.

Secondly, even from early pregnancy, the pregnant woman`s organism secretes a hormone known as relaxin. This hormone softens ligaments and joints in the attempt of preparing the body for birth, but it also bring severe back pain.

Fortunately, you can reduce or even prevent this discomfort, if you respect the advice below:

1. Avoid Shoes with High Heels!

No matter how elegant a pair of high heels would be, you first need to consider your health. For your own good, choose a pain of low-heeled shoes – the more comfortable, the better! High heels accentuate the spine curvature and force the body to keep its balance.

Therefore, during pregnancy you should pick shoes with heel and proper height. Even the shoe`s sole curvature is important, having the role of sustaining the entire leg.

A good example worth mentioning is Angelina Jolie, the well know actress from Hollywood, who understood how important are adequate shoes during pregnancy and appeared on the red carpet at Cannes with a pair of Louboutin shoes specially tuned.

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2. Pay Attention when Lifting Weights!

One of the important rules during pregnancy is not to lift anything heavy. Just as important is to get used to correct gestures, such as bending your knees and keep your back straight when wanting to getting something down and not to lean. Or, when you want to get out of bed, don`t get up suddenly like you used to do before. It`s best to turn on one side slowly by supporting most of the weight in your hands and get up on your butt.

3. Choose a Firm Mattress!

You may diminish back pain if you choose a firm mattress on which your spine can stay straight. Don`t forget that the position during pregnancy is on one side. Even when you are resting in bed, it`s best to use 2 pillows: one to support your abdomen and the other to put between your legs, to keep your back straight!

4. Maintain a Correct Position

Even if your body`s center of gravity changes and you`re tempted to walk to your belly up in front, bottom back and slightly bent back, it`s for your own good to try and maintain your back and spine straight when you are walking or sit down. How can you do that? Push the bottom back and pull your shoulders back. To walk in a correct manner, imagine that you have a book on your head and you shouldn`t drop it.

5. Massage and Gentle Physical Exercises

Start to do physical exercises at least once every 2 – 3 days, because it won`t only help you keep a right position of your back, but it also stimulates your kidney activity and blood circulation.

Here`s a physical exercises recommended: keep your legs apart at the same distance as your shoulders and your knees slightly flexed; pull your shoulders back, chin to chest and straighten your spine.

A very good type of massage during pregnancy is the one known as Yumeiho, which may diminish and even eliminate the discomfort of back pain.

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6. Exercises for Strengthening your Spine`s Muscles

  • Navel`s Contracture – It helps strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. Here`s what you need to do: take the “dog`s” position, then contract and withdraw the navel until you feel your entire abdomen contracted, including the small muscles of your back that can be find in both sides of the spine.
  • Crossing your Arms on your Chest – Flex your chest cavity muscles! You need to cross your arms together on your chest, just as you would want to touch your shoulder blades with your palms, then maintain this position for a few seconds and breathe easily. You may repeat this exercise daily in 4 – 6 rounds.

7. Water Aerobics

A Swedish study conducted among almost 400 pregnant women in their second trimester of pregnancy concluded that after sessions of water aerobics, back pain occurred more rarely and they became easier to bear.

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