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Breastfeeding Positions: 4 Great Ways to Feed your Baby

The position that you choose to breastfeed your child represents an important factor in the success of the whole process. No matter what position you choose, it`s important for you to feel comfortable during the entire meal and for the baby to have a good grabbing of the nipple.

Help the infant to find the right position so he can be able to suck efficiently and comfortably by controlling his head with one hand and pushing the nipple and areola in his mouth with the other. If you have large breasts, a nursing bra would be of big help to keep your breasts lifted and to better hold your baby.

Signs of a Good Grabbing during Breastfeeding Are:

  • The infant has his face towards the breast, being able to touch it with his mouth and nose;
  • The newborn opens his mouth just as he would be yawning with his tongue pushed forward and down just before catching the breast;
  • Drag the nipple towards the baby`s mouth together with a big part of the areola;
  • His lips are stretched toward the front;
  • His jaw is moving rhythmically while he`s sucking with fast and rhythmical movements.

1. Lying Down Position

Immediately after childbirth you could breastfeed your baby lying down. This position will also allow you to rest. Use some pillows to support your head and arm so that you feel comfortable. Or you can keep your arm under your head. Lie down on one side and place your newborn with his face towards you along your body and with his mouth at the level of your nipple.

This position is generally used by mothers during the night, especially by those who sleep together with their baby.

2. Sitting or Swinging Position

This is a position that is easy to learn and which a lot of mothers use.

It`s recommended to stay on a chair with backrest and arms, or on a comfortable armchair keeping your legs lifted on a stool. Keep your infant slightly turned on one side with his head supported by the bend of your arm and forearm. With one hand you can support his little butt or legs, and with the other you can support your breast.

3. Cross Cradle Position

In this position, the hand from the same side as the breast that the baby uses supports the breast and the other hand supports the baby`s neck. This position is useful when the baby finds it difficult to grab the nipple. Also, the support of the baby`s neck ensures a better control than supporting his head with the forearm.

4. The Underarm or Rugby Ball Position

The baby`s body is brought next to yours under your arm. The hand from the same side with your breast from which your baby is breastfed will support his neck. With the other hand you`ll support your breast and place your nipple in the right position. You can lift your baby at a comfortable height placing him on a pillow.

This position offers the advantage that you can easily be aware if the baby has a good grabbing of your nipple or not. Also, it`s preferred by the mothers who just gave birth through a C-section because the baby is kept at a reasonable distance from the incision. When the breast is full, the child can be placed in this position rather easily.

Don`t discourage yourself if at the beginning you`ll find it hard to place your baby at your breast. You`ll need a bit of patience and practice during the first few days.

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