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Can You Get Pregnant With Precum?

Have you ever noticed a fluid coming out of the penis before a man experiences orgasm and ejaculation?

Can You Get Pregnant With Precum

Even if you are a cautious person and don`t take risks when it comes to your health, it might happen to have a moment of weakness and sleep with your partner without using the condom, for any number of reasons. Perhaps you didn`t have protection at your disposal and let things go on without thinking too much, or you wanted to try it without a condom for a bigger pleasure. Even if your partner has withdrawn before ejaculating and doesn`t seem to be exposed to any risk of getting pregnant, you shouldn`t ignore an important aspect that can change the equation: the pre-seminal fluid.

We aren`t here to get you frighten, but it`s good to know if you can get pregnant with the pre-healing fluid, so that in the future you know what risks you expose yourself to.

What Is Pre-ejaculation?

Pre-ejaculation is a white fluid secreted from the penis when the man is excited and it happens before he gets to orgasm and ejaculate.

The amount of liquid that appears before ejaculation might be rather different. The quantity itself doesn`t affect anything. It`s considered that men have pre-ejaculation even when it`s just a few drops of liquid.

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As already mentioned, everything has a function. The same is true of pre-ejaculation that also appears for some reason. It serves as a lubricant, the fluid cleans the way the sperm will flow later. This channel rinse is important because it protects the sperm against the strong acidity that results from the urine that flows through the same channel.

The acid environment destroys sperm, meaning that in fact, pre-ejaculation serves as natural protection to facilitate pregnancy.

Can You Get Pregnant with Precum?

The purpose of pre-ejaculation is to reduce acidity in the urethra and offer sperm lubricant that is released when ejaculation occurs. Most men have no control over it and cannot feel it coming out. There are many contradictory data on the possibility that his fluid might contain semen. Some studies have concluded that this specific fluid contains sperm, while other ones have concluded that it doesn`t. Most sources agree that without further confirmation other precautions should be taken to avoid unwanted pregnancy and contact with STDs.

So, the answer to the questions whether or not you can get pregnant with precum is most frequently no. However, even if there are very few cases where sperm penetrates the pre-seminal fluid, when it happens, it`s possible to wake up with a pregnancy on your hands. You cannot live on the idea of “it won`t happen to me.” Because good security passes the bad danger, you should avoid unprotected sex at all costs if you have no plans to start a family and, importantly, don`t forget that the condom is the only one that protects you against STDs. Don`t give up on it to offer yourself a moment of pleasure for which you`ll pay for your entire life, and don`t succumb to your partner`s insistence as well, if you aren`t ready.

Withdrawal Method, Popular, But in Secret

In groups of friends, they talk freely about sexual adventures, about things tried or untested, and about how a sex match didn`t happen because a condom was missing. But nobody talks about the times when they have contraceptive methods at their disposal, but they doesn`t use them. – Click here!

The withdrawal method, or coitus interruptus, is the most affordable option that people have been using since ancient times to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. However, nobody talks about it because at some point in life, this method isn`t going to save you from an unwanted pregnancy. In fact, if you talk about this method with your friends, they`ll all jump on your head like concerning mothers claiming this method isn`t safe, although the use it all the time.

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Why do people still use this method then? The principle is simple and obvious: if ejaculation occurs outside the vagina, then fertilization isn`t achieved. And everyone should be happy, including a male partner who most definitely likes to reach maximum pleasure without a condom or a female partner who cannot decide whether or not she should use birth control pills. – Read more!

In reality, the process is much more complicated because the man`s body produces pre-ejaculation at the beginning of sexual intercourse, whereby viable sperm can be removed. Additionally, this methods requires precise self-control, meaning that at least for young people, the withdrawal method isn`t realistic. Does anyone still think he has enough self-control to retire in time? Well, this method fails for 1 out of 4 women, which is an alarming score.

What to Do when the Inevitable Occurs?

When there are uncertainties, an unexpected pregnancy or abortion can be avoided by using the emergency contraceptive method: the next day pill. Any other measure taken after an unsuccessful coitus interruptus is in vain, which includes washing with water, lemon juice or vinegar.

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