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Can You Get Pregnant Without Penetration?

We`ve heard so many times this question on online message boards that it doesn`t hurt to clear things out a bit on this matter.

Can You Get Pregnant Without Penetration

There`re so many sex cases which raise questions about the chances of becoming pregnant. For instance, can you get pregnant from precum? Can you get pregnant without penetration? Can you get pregnant just from touching sexual organs? There are questions that many women don`t ask because they are ashamed. There`re normal things that everyone needs to know.

Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy installs when the sperm of a man fertilizes the egg of a woman, which could take place even you have not had a sexual contact.

During sexual intercourse, semen gets ejaculated from the penis of the man into the vagina of the woman. This liquid that is produced by the man while he ejaculates, the semen, contains millions of spermatozoids. A single ejaculation could contain over 300 million spermatozoids.

As soon as the man is in erection, before he ejaculates, a fluid known as pre-ejaculate gets produced. This particular fluid may contain thousands of spermatozoids, and men don`t have any control over its production.

The ovaries of a woman release one or several eggs during ovulation, 12 – 16 days before her next menstruation.

The sperm of the man enters the body of the woman through the woman`s vagina, the it travels through the woman`s cervix and uterus to her fallopian tubes, where the egg gets fertilizes. Now the conception takes place.

Can You Get Pregnant from pre Ejaculation without Penetration?

Pre-ejaculate fluid, also known as precum or pre-spermal fluid, represents a fluid that is secreted by the penis during penetration. Most men don`t even notice it and, even more importantly, they often don`t have any control over it. In the past, prespermic fluid was thought that it contains spermatozoids, but now the thoughts of experts are divided as some of them believe that it contains no sperm or only dead sperm cells.

Even so, it`s quite possible for a small sperm amount to come out of the reproductive system of a man and appear in this particular fluid (the chances increases even more in cases of repeated ejaculations, when the fluid can contain spermatozoids from previous ejaculations. So, can you remain pregnant with this fluid? Generally speaking, the answer would be “NO.” However, in very rare cases where living spermatozoids might be present in this fluid, conception may be possible.

Can You Get Pregnant without Penetration?

Let`s get the suspense out of the way and offer a simple answer: “YES.” However, the chances are much lower than it a penetration would take place. But this is possible in one of the following cases:

  • The woman touches the man`s sperm, then it introduces her fingers in the vagina.
  • The man ejaculates near the woman`s vagina (close to the vulva or anus).
  • The seminal fluid reaches near the vagina (experts have different opinions on this matter).

Another aspect you should know is that the fertility of an adolescent is different from that of a woman of 30 years old. A pregnancy can install itself much easily in the case of a young woman and rather harder in the case of a woman over 30 years old. The rate of occurrence of a pregnancy is pretty reduces in this case, but not impossible. The spermatozoids don`t last too long outside the body and don`t find it that easy to cross the entire route they`ve to do to reach the egg.

Now that you found out if you can get pregnant without penetration, you should try and learn more about contraception methods and choose the one that fits your organism and lifestyle.

Can Pregnancy Happen if Penetration Only Takes Place for a Couple of Seconds?

Anytime your penis comes in close contact with the vagina, there`s a chance of pregnancy, no matter how small it is. Practically compared to a sexual contact with ejaculation, the probability is very low, but there`s still a risk. The transmission of sexually transmitted diseases can also occur through any sort of skin contact.

Can Pregnancy Happen Through Faux Sex?

Faux sex represents having sex with no penetration, just skin-to-skin contact of the genital areas. This is the same thing as earlier – when the penis comes in contact with the vagina, there`s a risk of pregnancy or STIs, no matter how small. The only thing that needs to happen for a pregnancy to occur is for an amount of seminal fluid to be leaked in the vaginal canal.

Can You Get Pregnant with Clothes On?

If the clothing items were totally saturated with seminal fluid and was in contact with the vaginal of the woman, there`s a little chance the semen could pass through the vagina, but it`s still very unlikely. And there`s no conclusive research to offer a certain answer on this regard.

Can You Get Pregnant from Fingered?

Fingering on itself cannot end in pregnancy. However, it`s quite possible to become pregnant if the male partner gets precum or ejaculates on a finger, which then is put into the woman`s vagina. Although, the chances for this to happen are rather low! – Read this!

It`s more likely to get a sexually transmitted infection from fingering. So, you`ll not only have to avoid any sort of contact with semen, the male partner needs to wash his hands before everything starts and you have to make certain you or your partner doesn`t present any sores or cuts.

Can You Get Pregnant if You Are a Virgin?

Unfortunately, yes! You can become pregnant if you have never had sex with a male partner. If semen reaches your vagina, it can travel through your vaginal canal and eventually impregnate you. Still, this happens very rarely! In fact, almost never, though in theory is possible! The chances of becoming pregnant if the male partner came on the woman`s thighs are much smaller than if they would have unprotected sex and the male wouldn`t finish. Practically, the chances are slim.

Rubbing your Bodies between Each Other

Similar to intimacy without penetration, rubbing the bodies between each other represents a form of intimacy that mimics sexual intercourse, but with no penetration. This can be nude, in underwear or dressed. It`s unlikely to become pregnant just by using these erotic games. – Learn more!

As mentioned earlier, for a conception to be possible, the sperm needs to be in contact with the vagina. If you are practicing erotic games in your underwear, there are small chances for any sperm to infiltrate the underwear and reach the vaginal canal. It`s possible in theory, but unlikely in practice.

If you are naked, chances of conception increase. With no underwear or other clothing items on you, there`re no physical barriers to protect you from the sperm reaching the vagina. Again, there`s a possibility for this to happen, it`s very unlikely.

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