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Choosing Toys For Your Child Depending on Group Ages!

Playing does not represent a simple way of making time to pass faster, but it represents the “child`s job,” a pleasant activity that is full of rewards and which involves him in a direct manner and uses all his resources and energy, favoring the acquisition and consolidation of various and multiple new abilities.

Choosing Toys For Your Child

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What Is Vernix Caseosa? Benefits & 9 Things That You Need To Know About It!

When you know you will be a mother, curiosity is at high levels. You know to know everything there`s to know about your pregnancy and your future baby. In today`s article we`ll talk about what is vernix caseosa, what are its benefits and other things about it you may not know.

What Is Vernix Caseosa

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How Do You Know If Your Baby Is Head Down?

Baby turn and move quite often in the mother womb during the entire pregnancy. A few weeks before birth, babies slowly turn their head down towards the exit of the uterus. If the baby hasn`t yet found his birth position, this may lead to serious complications and may cause various injuries. The doctor will try to put the baby in the proper position, but if he isn`t able, he`ll recommend a C-section instead of a natural birth. But how do you know if your baby is head down?

How Do You Know If Your Baby Is Head Down

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