The World of Pregnancy

Caesarean Birth

Breastfeeding after Caesarean Birth: Advice, Advantages & Positions!

Breastfeeding, a normal physiological experience and natural way of feeding babies in the first stage of their life, is a sensitive issue and may be a source of concern for future mothers, who may be worried that they won`t be able to handle it.

When breastfeeding takes place after a Caesarean birth, it may become a real challenge. Continue reading

Caesarean Birth: 8 Reasons Why This Is a Better Option

Giving birth is one of the most important moments from a woman`s life, and the anxiety of bringing a child into this world safely affects all future mothers one way or the other. While natural birth remains the first recommendation a doctor will give to all pregnant women, there are cases where a surgical intervention is a desired choice.

Caesarean Birth is a better option Continue reading

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