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Natural Birth

Stages of Labor & Birth: What`s Essential to Know?

Natural birth, or vaginal birth at it`s also known, is perhaps the oldest method of bringing a baby into this world. Even if Caesarean birth has become a trend and began of collecting more and more adherents in the modern era, there are still strong and courageous women, who don`t fear pain and want to have control over their body when they give birth. Here`s what you should know about natural birth and what are its phases!

The Stages of Labor & Birth

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25 Reasons Why to Choose a Natural Birth

In our days, we often hear about births that seem to emerge from a horror movie, and this sometimes make us miss the essential: women are divinely designed to give life. It`s a miracle and at the same time a perfectly normal thing. For most future mothers, giving birth naturally doesn`t mean to be courageous but to treat birth pains as a natural fact of life. Despite pain, a lot of women find this experience full of satisfactions.natural birth Continue reading

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