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6 Signs You Are Experiencing a Deficiency of Potassium

Perhaps you know already that bananas are an essential source of potassium, but what you may not know is the vital role that the mineral has in your organism. Potassium regulates heartbeat, helps restore glycogen deposits after physical exercises, controls the contraction of muscles and protects the health of the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Signs Deficiency of Potassium

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How Much Iron Do You Need A Day?

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the iron reserve of the woman`s body is almost finished even when the growing baby needs more red blood cells. This might expose the pregnant woman to a risk of anemia, meaning low levels of iron. Although this risk involves most pregnant women, those who have had recent pregnancies, more than one baby in their womb or have been undernourished at any time during pregnancy, are even more likely to have anemia.

How Much Iron Do You Need A Day

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