The Wonderful World of Pregnancy


10 Mistakes That Men Do When Sex Is Involved!

So, do you think you know all you need to know about sex? Perhaps you think that women no longer have any secret for you, and that if there`s an universally valid encyclopedia regarding eroticism, you probably wrote it in most part. But reality is rather different. Actually, lots of the things that men think they know are wrong. And these mistakes can even be elementary and can mean the main key to a failed relationship. Women are many things, but open books they aren`t. And this observation is true when it comes to their sexual behavior, not only in the way they behave in a relationship.

Sex Mistakes That Men Do

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101 Quotes About Pregnancy!

God couldn`t be everywhere all the time, so he created moms. But before all this, he created life through pregnancy! Being such an important subject, this couldn`t have been absent from the world`s literature, memoirs of important people from various fields, celebrities of literature, politics, cinema and so on.

Quotes about Pregnancy

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