The World of Pregnancy


What Diseases Can Be Cured during Pregnancy?

During pregnancy you can get rid of certain diseases or at least notice an improvement.

When you think about pregnancy, the things that come into your mind are rather negative:  you`ll be experiencing nausea or dizziness, you`ll get fat, you`ll have your legs swollen, you`ll suffer from insomnia or you`ll visit the toilet 10 times a night. diseases cured during pregnancy Continue reading

Top 10 Diseases that Affect Vaginal Discharges!

Vaginal discharge is a true marker of female genital health. So every woman should constantly analyze her discharge, the easiest method being by using protect briefs. Depending on the discharge`s changes, the woman can notice if she suffers of an genital infection or disease, and can even direct the diagnosis with her doctor depending on the main characteristics of her discharge.tension-headache Continue reading

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