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What Are The Symptoms Of Cholestasis Of Pregnancy?

Mild itching is a common symptom during pregnancy due to the increased blood amount in the skin. Later, when the belly grows, the abdominal skin stretches pretty much, which may lead to a sensation of itching. When this sensation is mild, you don`t need to worry, but when it becomes more serious, it might be a symptom of liver disease, also known as cholestasis. The affection occurs in less than 1 out of 100 expecting mothers; however, medical care is required.

What Are The Symptoms Of Cholestasis Of Pregnancy

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What Is Hyperemesis In Pregnancy?

Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is experienced by a lot of women under a milder form known as morning sickness. This “severe morning sickness” can be a dangerous thing for the mother and fetus if it isn`t treated accordingly. Let`s find out together which are the characteristic symptoms, how it`s diagnosed and treated.

What Is Hyperemesis In Pregnancy

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What Diseases & Conditions Can Be Cured During Pregnancy?

When you think about pregnancy, the things that come into your mind are rather negative:  you`ll be experiencing nausea or dizziness, you`ll get fat, you`ll have your legs swollen, you`ll suffer from insomnia or you`ll visit the toilet 10 times a night. But let`s also see the half-full part of the glass: a pregnancy can protect you from certain diseases from you may already suffer or you could suffer in the future.

Conditions Can Be Cured During Pregnancy

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