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The Children’s Sexuality Shouldn`t Concern Parents

Sexuality is certainly still a taboo topic in a lot of countries; all the more when it comes to our own children. Who could imagine their own “baby” with an active sex life, right? Especially after decades, virginity was one of the most valuable assets a girl could have at marriage. However, let us not forget the most important thing: it`s called “intimate life” precisely because it`s just our, without others having a say in it.

Children's Sexuality

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What Is The Best Potty For The Little One?

Each parent wants what is best for his child, so even the choice of a potty will become an important subject in the family in which at least one of the family`s members has the age of 18 – 20 months. It`s considered that now is the moment when the child becomes aware of the fact that he needs to use the potty, reaching the physiological and cognitive maturity for this purpose.

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Depression In Adolescents: Signs, Evolution & Risk Factors!

One thing is certain: Depression is a serious disease which, although so much is written about it, there is so little known. The most common illness of the century, this is one of the heaviest burdens that a human being can wear – heavier than any other physical illness – because those who suffer from this disease see themselves in a constant struggle, between their desire to live their lives normally and the thoughts that aren`t at all pleasant, balancing towards the darker parts of our mind.

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Causes & Effects Of Verbal Violence On Children

Have you ever used emotional blackmail to get a desired reaction from your child? Of course, maybe you never thought that this is how is called and interpreted, a phrase that your parents have used it on you as well, and it doesn`t seem to have affected that much. Phrases that have become almost a tradition among some families, such as “no child will play with you if you get dirty,” “I`ll punish you if you don`t learn,” “Bau Bau will come and take you if you are not good” and many others, are in fact ways of emotional blackmail, which create a state of tension in the child`s psyche, which may have some repercussions in his adult life.

Verbal Violence On Children

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What Is Couple Therapy And When Do We Resort To It?

Let`s be honest for a second: until couple therapy was accepted worldwide as one of the best methods of solving interpersonal conflicts it passed quite a lot of time. In fact, I don`t think it took only one generation to cover the entire period of time until psychotherapy was accepted. There are still countries that don`t accept from the social point of view the entire concept.

What Is Couple Therapy

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Adopting a Child from Another Country: Domestic vs. International Adoption!

The decision of adopting a child is never an easy task, especially when we talk about adopting a child from another country. No matter the reasons, an adoption represents a major change in the life of any couple, meaning responsibility and commitment to the end. Besides love, the resources required for raising a child are many and of many types, and all these things must be assumed.Adopting a Child from Another Country Continue reading

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