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How To Get Back To Work After Birth?

Those first months after your little one was born represented a tremor of emotions and hormones, overwhelming most mothers, an eternal conflict between the joy of being a mother and complete exhaustion. Then, when you finally manage to enter a normal path and learn how to manage the relationship with the little one, it`s time to get back to work.

How To Get Back To Work After Birth

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Your Teenager Needs Appreciation!

Most adults have a tendency to underestimate teenagers, accustomed to their position until then, when they needed their help to accomplish whatever they wanted to do. Still, from this particular age, the abilities start to be well defined, actions have stronger motivations, and the adolescent starts to need more appreciation. Let`s discuss together the need for appreciation of the teenager, the effects when there`s no appreciation coming from his parents and the ways in which the appreciation can be offered.

Your Teenager Needs Appreciation

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How To Build Trust In A Relationship With Your Teenager?

A major issue faced by adolescents is to convince their parents that they are no longer children and that they moved to a new stage of their development, closer to maturity than childhood. Often, parents treat the teenager as a child, not taking into consideration that, actually he`s right to want to make this own decisions, and that no matter if they are good or bad decisions, he`ll learn to take responsibility for them.

How To Build Trust In A Relationship With Your Teenager

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How To Be A Better Mother?

A question that most of us ask themselves before having a baby is “How to be a better mother?” There probably isn`t a woman who wanted a child and not asked herself this question. Therefore, the single fact that this question appears means that you are preoccupied about the way your baby will develop and about his psychic well-being, which can only mean good things.

How To Be A Better Mother

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