The Wonderful World of Pregnancy


Feeling Tired And Sleepy All The Time! Am I Pregnant?

Fatigue during pregnancy is a popular symptom known by almost anyone, not only gynecologists, also being one of the first signs that you become pregnant. Although pregnancy is a different experience from one woman to another, during the first weeks of pregnancy is possible to also experience nausea, morning sickness, breast tenderness, and always feel tired. It`s essential to now your body and recognize the presence of a pregnancy immediately, because it will perhaps be necessary to change your lifestyle and nutrition.

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13 Pregnancy Side Effects That May Take You By Surprise!

Heartburn, uncontrolled cravings, excessive cervical mucus, stuffy nose – these are a few of the pregnancy side effects that almost anyone talks about. However, it`s possible not to have heard about the fact that some women are craving for dirt (pica) or produce so much saliva that they need to spit. Find out more about these surprising side effects to stay well informed for the most important period of time from a woman`s life.

Pregnancy Side Effects

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8 Signs Showing Your Due Date Is Around The Corner!

In the last weeks of pregnancy, there is no bigger emotion than the near due date. Although the impatience grows from one day to another, unfortunately no one can predict an exact date of birth. So, each woman needs to follow the signs that her body is showing just before the moment of delivery. While some of these symptoms can appear a few days or weeks before birth, others ones manifest just a few hours in advance.

Due Date Is Around The Corner

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When Does Nausea Or Morning Sickness Start During Pregnancy?

You are very happy of the little soul which slowly starts to grow in your belly, but the presence of nausea darkens your smile, especially in the morning. Morning sickness and nausea affect almost 3 quarters of pregnant women, so there are big chances for you to experience these symptoms as well. If you are interested in learning when does nausea start during pregnancy, what you can do to prevent it and when it stops, you need to read the lines below.

When Does Nausea Start during Pregnancy

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