The Wonderful World of Pregnancy

First Trimester

11 Weeks Pregnant

The 11th week of pregnancy represents almost the ending of the first trimester of pregnancy, period in which you start to gain more weight and you may not experience any morning sickness at all.

Most pregnant women start to feel better since the 11th week and some of them may even start to make vacation plans to forget about the unpleasantries from the first months of pregnancy without actually thinking that once their pregnancy develops, they need to spend more time around the house. Continue reading

10 Weeks Pregnant

Until the 10th week, your pregnancy has been confirmed. During the last 2 ½ months, the future mother has already lost 2 menstrual cycles and it`s about to lose her third one.

Soon after the pregnancy has been detected and confirmed is important for the pregnant woman to start taking more care of her because the first trimester of pregnancy is essential for the development of the baby. Continue reading

9 Weeks Pregnant

During the 9th week of pregnancy, the baby has already passed from being an embryo to being a fetus, and it now measures around 13 to 17mm and weighs around 1g.

If we are talking about a multiple pregnancy, then both babies will have kind of the same length and size. Continue reading

5 Weeks Pregnant

Although the symptoms aren`t always present when you are 5 weeks pregnant, a few signs that will help you acknowledge your pregnancy might still appear, such as mood changes or fatigue. Practically, if at this point you are pregnant, you have exactly 1 month of pregnancy.5 Weeks Pregnant Continue reading

4 Weeks Pregnant

When being 4 weeks pregnant, most women may find out that they are pregnant. The fetus is represented by a small ball full of cells which suffers lots of rapid changes until it will become an embryo. The placenta and umbilical cord are at the beginning of their development. Continue reading

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