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Cheap Abortion Pills: What You Need to Know About Them

Have you yet considered a medical abortion? If yes, then you are interested in more information on cheap abortion pills.Cheap Abortion Pills

Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is a nonsurgical procedure of interrupting an unwanted pregnancy. It`s safer, more comfortable and doesn`t affect fertility in any way. Even if you want to avoid surgical abortion, it`s best to know that there are risks involved with this type of abortion as well, and that not all the pills are so safe as the general belief.

Abortion pills are only recommended if you have a health condition which will allow you to resort to such a procedure. There are medical conditions that this type of pills could worsen. It`s essential to resort to this method only if the doctor recommends it, as he`ll first make you some tests and interview you in detail about your medical problems that you may suffer.

Abortion pills which contain mifepristone and misoprostol are safe for terminating a pregnancy in maximum 9 weeks. After this gestational age, they become dangerous for the mother`s health.

By using these pills, doctors avoid infections or even maternal deaths, which sometimes happen during surgical abortions.

Experts, such as those from the World Health Organization, claim that abortion pills are safe and they don’t` involve risks. Still, they may appear in case of improper administration of the product or some conditions which may interfere.

The efficiency of these pills is of almost 98%, but depends on how they are administrated and the pregnancy stage of evolution.

Cheapest Abortion Prices

If you choose to visit Planned Parenthood clinic, there`s a low-income program that can be as low as $100. If you aren`t working and cannot afford the procedure, they`ll let you pay the minimum rate and cover the rest from donations. You can call at 1-800-230-7526 to find the nearest Planned Parenthood location.

Another advantage is that if you are under age, the procedure will be free of charge as well as confidential.

Abortion Pills: Risks & Side Effects

If they are administrated properly, the abortion pill doesn`t put the mother`s health in jeopardy. However, there may be some unpleasant side effects, which pass shortly after the procedure:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Headache.
  • Dizziness.
  • Fever.
  • Sense of weakness.
  • Inferior abdominal cramps.
  • Abundant hemorrhage (after the elimination of the fetal egg).
  • Diarrhea.

The complications of this type of abortion are rare and caused by the improper or irresponsible administration of the medication.

There are also medical conditions which don`t allow for this procedure to be performed, either because the pregnancy has suffered complications, either that the risks that involved the active substances from the medications on the organism are too high.

When They Aren`t Recommended?

  • Diabetes.
  • Hypertension.
  • Intrauterine device (IUD).
  • Ectopic pregnancy.
  • Allergies to these substances.
  • Therapy with steroids.
  • The pregnancy is over 9 weeks.

There are a few complications (extremely rare) that may appear even if the pills are administrated properly. These cases are extremely isolated, but they are a part of the medication`s guidelines. We mention here an incomplete abortion, the fact that the pregnancy continues to develop or major bleeding.

In such cases, doctor either increase the dose until complete fetal elimination, either complete the medical abortion by manual vacuum of the remnants of fetal tissue.

What Does the Price for the Abortion Includes?

  • Consultation.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Small surgical interventions with laser.
  • Installation of copper IUD.
  • Installation of Mirena IUD.
  • The actual procedure of medical abortion.
  • Manual vacuum of any remaining fetal tissue.
  • Permanent hair removal.
  • Final investigation.

Note: This procedure prevents the risk of uterine perforation and any complications due to anesthesia because this is a noninvasive procedure and doesn`t require anesthesia.

Other Potential Uses of Abortion Pills

  • Breast cancer.
  • Ovarian cancer.
  • Prostate cancer.
  • Uterine fibroids.
  • Cushing`s syndrome.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Meningioma.

In very small doses, the abortion pill can be used for preventing pregnancy, as an emergency contraceptive method used in the first 5 days from unprotected intercourse.

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