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10 Things That Your Child Will Always Want To Hear From You

Usually, we are aware about what we tell our children. We try to be positive, avoid a bad language and talk as clear as possible so that they can be able to understand. But did you ever thought about the things that you didn`t always tell to your children? Is there something that you don`t tell to your child and which he or she wants to hear it?Child Will Always Want To Hear

Words our powerful, but words that aren`t said can be even more powerful. Just because you think about your child doesn`t mean he knows, feels it or doesn`t need to hear it.

“I Love You!’

Of course you love your child, there`s no doubt here, but when did you tell his to him last time? Sometimes we are so caught up in our own work or personal life that we forget some obvious things, but very important. You don`t need to be sure that your son/daughter knows you love him/her. Sometimes, they need to hear this from you.

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“I`m So Proud of You!”

There are things that make you proud that you have such a child. Maybe he has a gentle heart or an exceptional artistic ability. Find at least one thing that will make you proud to be your child and make him a compliment about it. When you are talking about your child with other people, what do you say to them? What characteristics do you mention or praise to others? If you`ll come to only see the negative picture of your child, then it`s a good time to look for something positive at him, something good. Then you go and tell that to your child. He may be surprised about the attitude change that a simple “I`m proud of you!” can bring. – Read this!

“I`ll Support in All the Things You Want to Do in Life”

You aren`t your children! They have other favorite things, other interests. For a lot of children, the feeling that they aren`t recognized as individuals is real and frustrating. Maybe they grew up in a family of lawyers, but they want to become writers. Maybe they are drawn by other religion or other lifestyle. Maybe they grew up in a family with many children, but they chose to have 1 or 2 children when they`ll have their own family. Whatever the differences, usually, there`s a certain anxiety when they`ll talk about it. And you as a loving parent, you`ll tell them “I support you in anything you fell and want to do with your life.”

“I Believe in You”

Teenage years are quite uncertain. Your child may not be sure if he`ll succeed in life. You need to make time to tell him that you still believe in him in whatever he chooses to do. You need to offer him all the necessary support and faith. When it was the last time when you told your child that you believe in him or that you are sure he`ll succeed in life? Now it`s time to do so.

“I`m Sorry!”

No one likes to admit he was wrong. Sometimes, “`i`m sorry!” is the toughest thing to do. But even if you are the parent, it doesn`t mean you are immune from making bad decisions. When you are wrong, you should admit it. You don`t fall in your child`s eyes; on the contrary, you`ll win his respect because you had the courage to treat him as an equal and tell him that you know you were wrong.

“You Are a Good Person”

Children need to know that their parents have a good opinion about them and they approve what they do. If you tell them they are good, kind, smart or other positive things, you`ll help them built their own self-esteem and strengthen your relationship with them. Children aren`t so different than adults; they too look for consolation, approval and respect in the people around them. Make time to tell your child nice things about him! Any person has something good in them and even if the teenager is difficult, you`ll surely find a good attribute.

“It`s Good to Love Your Mother and Father”

When a couple divorces, their child is, often carried himself in this conflict. Often, the child feels torn apart by the 2 parents and he feels he`ll need to pick one side and close the other definitively. This is terribly confusing and painful for a child. Even if you don`t speak with your ex in front of your child, most of the times the pain is transmitted to the child as well. Children are sensitive to their parents` emotions. You don`t really need to tell something to make your child sad; bad feelings are sometimes enough. But you can help them overcome these situations by telling them at those exact moments that “No matter what, you still need to love your mother and father just the same because they love you.”

“I accept you”

Teenagers feel the need to be accepted by their parents. It`s possible not to show this. Actually, it`s possible for them to say or do things that would make you feel totally the opposite. The truth is that teenagers need and will need your approval and acceptance. This means unconditional love, meaning whatever they`ll do and whatever decision they`ll make, you`ll love them just the same. But you need to show and tell this to your child. – More info!

“I Didn`t Want to Do or Say That”

It happens to many people to say something they didn`t want. You know for sure that what you just said affected the person next to you, but what do you do when this person is your child? Some parents things it isn`t necessary to apologize for what they did, because they said it when they were nervous or had some kind of frustration in their head. They don`t think that their child should know that they said or done a particular thing from mistake. This is serious mistake. If you say something to your child and you wish you didn`t, all you have to do is apologize and tell him “I`m sorry! I didn`t want to do that.” It`s that easy!

“You Are Important/Special”

This sentence is among the most important. You may really think that your child is important or special, but have you ever said this to him? Again, if you say these words, they may have a huge impact on his self-esteem as well as your relationship. Hug your child and tell him how special he is. It will only take a minute, but it will make all the difference in the world.

They may seem unimportant, but some people need to hear these things; for them, they are important. Make yourself time to say the right words sometimes. Actions are important, but words need to be said as well.

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