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7 Essentials For A More Comfortable Pregnancy During The Summer

All women enjoy the fragrant and warm summer days, isn`t it? Well, maybe if you weren`t pregnant. To be pregnant during the summer is a real challenge. Trams and buses, suffocating nights, swollen ankles – none of these make life any easier for a woman who is expecting a baby. But there are ways to make this beautiful period of the year more enjoyable!

Comfortable Pregnancy During The Summer

Below you`ll find 7 of the most essential things that would make your life easier during the summer.

1. Top with or without Straps

If you are pregnant, this doesn`t necessarily mean that you shouldn`t wear tight clothes. With the help of the cotton strapless top or even the one with straps, you can make lots of cool outfits: from casual to clever ones. While cotton will live room for your skin to breath, you`ll also feel confident and comfortable. They can be worn with wide colorful skirts or even with office pants. It`ll also be useful after you give birth, and it will be a lot easier for you to breastfeed.

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2. Comfortable Flip Flaps

It`s summer, it`s warm, the temperatures are exaggerated and you have at least 10 more kilos to carry with your pregnancy. Sensitive ankles and inflated legs are only a couple of the inconveniences a pregnancy throws at you, no matter the season. But during the summer, the heat accentuates your discomfort even more. That is also why you are lucky you are pregnant during the summer season and you can forget about buckles, heels or belts 3 numbers higher. Being pregnant in the summer offers you the opportunity to wear low-heeled, comfortable flip flaps that will most likely help you relieve back pain.  Now is their season anyway, so you can find them in various models and colors from simple to fancy. – Click here!

3. Special Massage for Pregnant Women

Massage during pregnancy can make wonders throughout the entire year. It doesn`t even matter if it`s spring or winter, because it`s advisable for expecting mothers anytime, anywhere. But more than that, during the summer is the perfect time when the body will appreciate the benefits of massage. Massage during pregnancy on a regular basis may alleviate the discomfort that may be cause by the common symptoms of pregnancy, which may include swollen legs, fluid retention, back pain or headache. Massage may also aid you sleep better, this being also one of the most frequent issues during pregnancy in the summer season. – Read more!

However, you should make certain that the person giving the massage is qualified in treating expecting mothers. A general therapist won`t really know the exact pressure he needs to apply to some areas that are sensitive on the body of a pregnant woman. One session of massage per week is indicated after the first trimester of pregnancy, but it`s also recommended after birth to help the body regain its original shapes.

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4. Hat & Sunglasses

The sun isn`t a good friend of future mothers, which is quite sensitive over the course of the months of pregnancy. However, technology has evolved, offering to pregnancy women products that can help them support pregnancy more easily during the summer. High-quality lenses (not those bought from the stalls) are something that can really help a future mother bearing the light much better. It should be taken into account that no matter how easy to support a pregnancy can be, there`ll always be some uncomfortable signs. The hat is able to protect pregnancy women from sunlight and also prevent headaches. In addition, you will be a trendy mommy if you are accessing the big birch hat with the vagina gown dress and you will definitely feel even more beautiful than you know you are.

5. Whole Bathing Suit

Since the exposure to the sun should be as reasonable as possible while pregnant, you may choose to wear a whole bathing suit, depending on how advanced is your pregnancy. The whole bathing suit should be really comfortable and of quality material, or you`ll suffer from eczema or itching. It`s also need to be especially designed for pregnancy, with a support for the belly and with no uncomfortable stitches. Pregnancy hormones are those that dictate the organism how to manifest, and during pregnancy they are often “revolted,” making the skin of the pregnant woman more sensitive than usual.

6. Cream with Sun Protection

This is a product that shouldn`t miss from any pregnant woman`s bag during the months of the summer season. Ultraviolet protection cream is mandatory for anyone, but especially for pregnant women for who is really indispensable. The exposure to the sun during pregnancy will stimulate the melanin production in the body, causing a tan to the skin, actually just as when you weren`t pregnant. However, now the overproduction effect of melanin might occur, leading to pigmentation of the skin. This might lead to dark spots in your areas that are the most exposed: cheeks, hands, forehead, neck or nose. These spots most frequently might or might not disappear after birth, thus a cream with sun protection should always be used.


7. Vaporous Dress

Every expecting mother should invest in at least one vaporous dress without sleeves. Such dresses are always fashionable when being pregnant, so you`ll be a trendy future mother and you`ll definitely feel comfortable. You`ll wear it for the whole summer more than once, because it will simply be the most convenient piece of clothing that you can wear during the summer.

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