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Diet Before Pregnancy: How It May Affect your Baby?

They say that “you are what you eat,” but it seems that what your mother ate is also important. Specialists have made a connection between the woman`s diet before being pregnant and the health (on the long term) of the future baby. What she ate during the weeks that led to the conception may risk the child`s health regarding certain diseases, which may vary from the flu, HIV or cancer.

The theory comes from a few specialists from the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London, UK. They are firm when claiming that the diet followed by the mother before conception is essential.

Professor Andrew Prentice, the study`s author says: “The potential implications are enormous.” His colleague, Dr. Matt Silver claims: “This means that once you know you are pregnant, stop behaving as you would normally do.”

A Study Done in West Africa

West Africa is known that as an area where diets vary drastically from one season to another. There have been 120 women studied and they were from rural areas where diets are change radically in the wet season compared with the dry season. Half of the women have conceived babies in the dry season and the other half in the wet season. Researchers began their study by measuring the nutrients from the blood of the women shortly after they gave birth.

Then, after birth, all new mothers have received a DNA test. The tests weren`t based on the genetic code itself, but rather on the epigenetic alterations and on the signs that affect how and when a gene becomes active. The very active genes or the more “lazy” ones can cause health problems.

For instance, at the VTRINA2-1 gene the signs are set during the first days of the baby`s life. The genes are extra-active at the children conceived during the dry season, when there`s plenty of food to be found. In their very active state, the genes offer protection against cancer. When they are less active, involving the children conceived during the wet season, the organism considers that is easier to get rid of the viruses from the flu and abdominal pains.

Some Infections Can Be Even More Dangerous than Cancer

With the discovery of infections, in Africa has been discovered something more dangerous than cancer, detailed in the “Genome Biology” journal, this could explain why children from Gambia conceived during the dry season have the tendency to die young.

The nutrients through which it`s known they are involved in setting the signs are vitamin B2, methionine, folic acid and dimethylglycine. Other good sources exclude eggs, cereals, fish, liver, beans or vegetables with green leaves.

Stay Away from Eating for 2 People

Doctors claim that a careful eating during pregnancy is a lot more healthy than “eating for 2.” The first major lesson that is learned at courses for raising children is that women who try to lose weight in an active way have all the chances to have an easy pregnancy and healthy child.

While on the other hand, all women who gain weight during pregnancy, experts claim that too much extra weight increases the risk of developing high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

The review, published by the Cochrane Library, brought new evidence from 37 studies that were published even since 2012. While analyzing the review, it was noticed that only 36% from all women gained too much extra weight compared with 45% who didn`t take any measures to control their weight gain.

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