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Driving During Pregnancy: Do We Drive Until We Give Birth?

Driving during pregnancy can sometimes be rather uncomfortable, but if this isn`t the case for you, there is no reason not to get behind the wheel when you need to go somewhere.

Once your pregnancy develops and your childbirth is near, there are a lot of symptoms that won`t let you keep the same lifestyle as before the pregnancy, especially because of the discomfort as well as because you need to offer yourself and your baby a good health.

Guidelines When Driving While Pregnant

If you don`t have other medical issues and you don`t feel dizzy on occasion, doctors claim that you can drive your own car while being pregnant without any issues. Still, take the following into consideration first:

  • Do you feel tired? Is not only your growing belly that you need to always carry around, but also the increased temperature from within your body (the increased blood flow required to sustain the new life growing inside you will raise your body`s temperature with a few units) that will make you sleepy. If you count the nights in which you can`t sleep due to your increased belly, you`ll find that is difficult to keep your eyes open during the entire day, especially when you are driving. When you need to travel longer distances with your car, you should take this almost constant drowsiness into consideration. You should always have a bottle of water around you, a mobile phone and keep in mind that you need frequent pauses of relaxation if you travel considerable distances behind the wheel of your car.
  • How are your legs? If you have cramps, driving for long distances or in busy traffic will also mean maintaining your legs in the same position for long periods of time, which will again lead to more cramps. If you only have cramps during the night, you`ll probably don`t have any concern on this particular aspect. However, flexing your legs constantly and rotating your ankles while driving will only be beneficial for you. – Check this out!
  • Always wear your seat belt! Your growing belly isn`t an excuse for you not wearing your seat belt when you are behind the wheel. Is also illegal.
  • Don`t drive if you are in labor. If you know you`ll be alone when giving birth (your partner is out of the country or unavailable for any reason), ask one of your friends or someone from your family to be with you around the date of you giving birth. Even taking a taxi can help you get to the hospital.

Driving in Various Stages of Pregnancy

If you already have a child that you need to take care of or you are working away from home, you can`t really afford to slow the rhythm of your lifestyle, although now you`ll need frequent moments to take a break during an entire day. Most pregnant women will usually choose to relax more during their last month of pregnancy and catch up with their old friends or do whatever makes them relax, which will mean that they won`t be in a hurry to take the metro or tram to get to a café or to the movies.

So until what month of pregnancy is safe to drive your own car? Your doctor is the only person who can answer to this question, but still, there are some things that you can take into consideration:

  • Traveling and driving can often be tedious and frustrating, but if you have a normal pregnancy, there shouldn`t be anything to prevent you from driving during the first 2 trimesters of pregnancy. – More info!
  • When you plan to travel somewhere or going on a vacation, first think to your own health and schedule less things to do than normally. You`ll also need more frequent pauses of relaxation, either to simply move your legs, stretch them or go to the toilet.
  • Between the 14th and 28th week of pregnancy you might start to feel better, the morning sickness will probably pass, which will lead to a well-deserved “break” to enjoy the time spent behind the wheel.
  • If you have cramps or vaginal bleedings, you should avoid driving. The same thing applies for pregnancies with complications. – Read this!
  • During the third trimester of pregnancy, labor can appear from nowhere, you may have experience a water break at any moment or other kind of issues could occur without any prior warning. That is why you`ll need your doctor`s advice regarding you driving during the last 12 weeks of pregnancy. However, it might be recommended that at least you have someone else driving you where you need to get.Driving-During-Pregnancy
  • Towards your last weeks of pregnancy, your belly will be considerably increased, which will give you issues when driving. Keep driving your car only as long as you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Isn`t such a bad idea to let your husband or life partner to drive the car during your last trimester of pregnancy. You can always enjoy the view instead.
  • Doctors recommend a period of maximum 2 hours behind the wheel or on the passenger`s seat to prevent blood clots.
  • Using your mobile phone while driving is strictly forbidden, not to say illegal in most countries.
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