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10 Exposed Fertility Facts You Definitely Didn`t Know!

Of course, when it comes to fertility, you most likely know how to take your temperature with a thermometer or administer yourself prenatal vitamins. However, there are many more amazing myths out there that definitely surprise you.Exposed Fertility Facts

The Most Fertile Period Is Before Ovulation

You may believe it or not, but the best moment to remain pregnant occurs in the interval of 5 days before ovulation. This occurs because once the egg has left the ovary, the man`s sperm has around 12 to 24h to reach it for the conception to take place. But sperm may remain viable in your body for a few days or even weeks. So in short, the more sperm there are inside your body, the more chances you have to become pregnant. – More info!

Tight Pants – No. 1 Enemy of Sperm

When the scrotum is housed in tight clothes, the body may increase in temperature even with 1° C, the sperm production may be reduced. This means that, if your partner is wearing such pants, it`s time to tell him to get rid of them. Be sure that your partner has the right temperature in that area of around 34.5 – 35.5° C and always wear loose clothing. – Read more!

Smell Explodes When You`re Ovulating

Yes, you read correctly. If you smelled weird things all day, this might mean it`s time to conceive a baby. So, instead of complaining of your partner`s smell after he came from the gym, you may try to have a baby. – Check this!

Channeling the Inner Yogi May Improve Your Chances of Fertility

In a recent study at Harvard, 55% of women who took part in programs dedicated to mind and body became pregnant, unlike women who didn`t participate from which only 20% became pregnant. Without a doubt, a life without stress increases your chances of becoming pregnant.
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You Have a Chance of Only 15% of Conceiving Each Month

We know how it is – once you are trying to get pregnant for a while now, it`s hard not to notice all the pregnant women all around you. But, the truth is that couples of which partners have around 30 years old and have unprotected sex have a chance of 15% of conceiving a baby and usually lasts about 8 months for the woman to become pregnant.

Another study “claims” that most couples have around 104 sexual contacts to succeed in conceiving. So, ignore the pregnant women around you and remember this information before becoming discouraged.

Clean Teeth Are a Must

A gum disease may lead to premature birth and low baby weight at birth. More than that, a poor oral hygiene infects the sperm of your partner. So, start using floss again and if you haven`t been at the dentist for a while, make an appointment as soon as you can.

You`re Sexy (and More) when You Ovulate

When British researchers asked to a group of men to look at pictures of 48 women and choose the ones who they thought there are more beautiful, the results showed that men are more attracted of women who are ovulating. What was more notable in their view? Big lips, dilated pupils and softer skin tone of women who were ovulating. Another factor that makes you sexier during ovulation is that you tend to dress, subconsciously, sexier during menstruation. – Check this!

A Birth Control Pill May Help You Get Pregnant

Besides the fact that it regulates your menstruation, the birth control pill reduces the risk of uterine or ovarian cancer and, therefore you have higher chances of conceiving without complications when you decide of doing so.

If You Look at Porn, His Sperm Will Be Stronger

No matter if you are a fan of Jenna Jameson, she may give a feeling of appreciation for her. Researchers have found out that men produce stronger sperm after watching a straight porn movie. So, sushi and a movie tonight?

Nonfat Dairy Products Aren`t an Ideal Choice

Experts noticed that one or more portions of daily fat dairy products decrease the risk of infertility, while dairy products with a low content of fat don`t have a high level of estrogen and progesterone.

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