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Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Pregnancy Questions

Pregnancy can be a period full of concerns and questions for the future parents and perhaps every day brings with it a new questions or a new concern.

You are worried about your baby`s health and ask yourselves lots of questions about your physical or emotional state as well as about the changes you are going through.

There are many questions that the future parents may ask themselves, but these are the most frequent ones.

Am I Pregnant?

This is the first reason of concern. You are asking yourself if the result of the pregnancy test is correct, if you can rely on your intuition and on the symptoms you are experiencing. You can solve these concerns by planning a visit to your gynecologist. He`s also possible to perform you a pregnancy test, or if you are already at least in your 6th week of pregnancy, he`ll confirm its presence by transvaginal ultrasound. Also, he may recommend a blood test – beta hCG.

Median hCG values during pregnancy are:

  • Week 3 of pregnancy – HCG median = 17.5 mIU / mL.
  • Week 4 of pregnancy – HCG median = 141 mIU / mL.
  • Week 5 of pregnancy – HCG median = 1398 mIU / mL.
  • Week 6 of pregnancy – HCG median = 3339 mIU / mL.
  • Week 7 of pregnancy – HCG median = 39759 mIU / mL.
  • Week 8 of pregnancy – HCG median = 90 084 mIU / mL.
  • Week 9 of pregnancy – HCG median = 106 257 mIU / mL.
  • Week 10 of pregnancy – HCG median = 85 172 mIU / mL.
  • Week 12 of pregnancy – HCG median = 66 976 mIU / mL.
  • Week 14 of pregnancy – HCG median = 34440 mIU / mL.

Do I Need to Work after Birth?

The choice of remaining a longer or shorter period of time at home for raising and taking care of the child of up to 2 years old is personal for each couple, and most of the times it depends on several factors. These include:

  • Financial possibilities (if they afford to live with one salary).
  • If they are able to depend on their parents to help them in raising and taking care of the child while the mother goes to work.
  • If they found and trust any nursery, and later a kindergarten.

Discuss the choices you have with your partner as well as with other members of your family, and finally, do as you feel is right for your baby.

If you decide to stay home and take care of the child, try to calculate things a bit in advance and see if you can handle everything with one salary (in this regard, you can try to place one of the salaries on a savings account for 2 – 3 months and see if you can manage with only one salary).  – Read more!

Is the Baby Healthy?

The first trimester of pregnancy is pretty stressful, especially because inside your body there are a lot of changes which occur and you pass through a series of changes. Also, the fact that you cannot yet fell your baby might make you wonder if everything is alright.

Is it a Boy or a Girl?

Some parents are interested even from the beginning of pregnancy about the baby`s gender, others prefer not to find this out until birth. For those interested in the gender of the baby earlier, the doctor may offer you an answer the earliest around weeks 18 – 20 by ultrasound.

Can I Have Sex while Pregnant?

A lot of women may feel an increased libido during pregnancy, but fear not to harm the baby during sexual activity might be quite large.

If you don`t experience any complications during pregnancy and the doctor doesn’t recommend you to avoid making sex too often, you can still have sexual contacts without any problem.

How Do I Take Care of Myself?

Here you should include personal hygiene, healthy diet and exercises.

Do I Harm the Baby`s Health if I Do this?

At a certain point, you may ask yourself questions regarding your lifestyle, diet or physical activity. You may be worried that if you do something or eat something, it may be harmful for your baby. You should know that this is pretty normal and you should really consider giving up smoking (in case you do smoke) and even avoid places where people smoke (because passive smoking is just as harmful, if not more, as active smoking). You should also avoid consuming alcohol, drugs or cleaning chemicals (you should avoid coming in direct contact with them).

What Expenses Will the New Family Include?

A new member in the family is a reason for joy for the future parents, but it also brings a series of new expenses that you didn`t had before. You should now start to make a few estimations of your future expenses and see how much money you should add to your current expenses for your baby. Take into account diapers, wet wipes, shampoo for kids, body creams, milk powder, baby bottles, stroller, crib, clothes, toys, etc.

How Will the other Family Members React to the Arrival of the New Baby?

If your family already has other members besides you and your partner (another child, home pet), you may ask yourself how will they react to the idea of a new member arriving in your family. Will they accept the idea, will they get along? In most cases there`s a period of adjustment required until things start to calm down and each of them find their place in the family.

Will I Be a Good Parent?

Nobody is perfect and surely you`ll also do mistakes as a parent. What is important is to love your child and always try to do what you thing is best for him. Most of the time, the maternal intuition doesn`t fail. Even if you`ll do some mistakes, try to learn from them and don`t repeat them in the future.

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