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Will My Baby Be Affected If I`m Having Sex While Expecting?

Sex during pregnancy! Here`s an issue faced by many families. “I wonder if it`s a good idea to do sex now?” or “Is our baby affected by sex or not?” are only a couple of the questions for which lots of couples are searching for a “professional” advice. Of all the questions, the hardest one is related to whether or not the child gets affected. This question may start to bother you as the baby grows.

Having Sex While Expecting

Can Sexual Intercourse Cause a Miscarriage?

Although lots of couples worry that sex while pregnant may lead to miscarriage, generally speaking this shouldn`t be an issue. Miscarriages at the beginning of the pregnancy are often related to chromosomal abnormalities or other fetal development problems, and aren`t related to everything you or your partner may have done.

So Will My Baby Be Safe?

As we`ve tried to explained throughout this entire article, this cannot happen. Your baby is protected from amniotic fluid, and from the uterine strong muscle, so sexual intercourse won`t affect him. Also, the cervix mucus is quite thick and will protect him against any possible infections. The penis of your partner won`t ever reach the baby during penetration. It may be possible to feel your baby moving after orgasm, but it isn`t something you should worry about. Your baby will only react to your increased heart rate, he has no idea what is actually happening and doesn`t feel any discomfort.

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Can I have Oral or Anal Sex?

Oral sex is quite safe while pregnant. If you are the one receiving oral sex, you should make sure your partner won`t blow air into your vagina. In very rare situations, air bubbles may block a blood vessel, medically known as air embolism, which is a medical condition which might be life threatening for both you and your baby.

Generally speaking, anal sex isn`t really recommended while pregnant. Anal sex may lead to discomfort if you experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy. It may even be more harmful as anal sex promotes the spread of bacteria all the way from the rectum to the vagina, and infections may occur at any time.

Can I Use Condoms during Pregnancy?

Exposure to STDs while pregnant increases the risk for infections which might affect your baby`s health.

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You should use the condom if:

  • Your partner may have a STD;
  • Yu don`t have a serious relationship with one single partner;
  • Your partner during pregnancy is new.

Orgasm May Trigger Premature Birth

Orgasm may lead to uterine contractions, but they are different than the contractions that you`ll feel during labor. Orgasm, with or without penetration, won`t probably increase the risk of labor or premature birth. Also, if you are doing sex close to the possible due date, the risk of triggering labor isn`t too high.

When to Avoid Having Sex While Pregnant?

Although most women can have sex safely while pregnant, sometimes is recommended to be cautious.

Your obstetrician may advise you to avoid doing sex if:

  • You have a history of labor or premature birth;
  • You experience vaginal bleeding;
  • Your water broke;
  • The cervix started to open prematurely (cervical insufficiency);
  • The placenta covers either partially or totally the cervix (placenta praevia).

What Happens If I Don`t Have Sex At All?

It`s perfectly fain! A sexual relationship always means more than just having sex.

Share your concerns and worries with your partner in a loving and honest manner. If sex is difficult, unattractive or not allowed, you can always attempt a different type of intimate contact – like massage, kiss or gentle touching.

Sex in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Even if it might seem like sex can harm your baby in the first trimester of your pregnancy, there`s absolutely no way that could happen. Your baby is so small that you won`t even feel anything different. The only exception is when your doctor forbids you to have any sexual intercourse due to the risk of miscarriage. However, such exceptions rarely happen.

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Encountered Issues

Being in the first trimester of pregnancy, you most likely experience states of sickness, nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness or pain. Most definitely, you won`t even think of sex at this moment. However, if you don`t want to lose the intimacy in your relationship, hugging, making out without any sexual intent is always recommended.

Sex in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Little by little, the nausea has gone, you don`t feel tired that much anymore, and probably the risk of losing the pregnancy doesn`t exist anymore. Doctors will probably offer you a green light on practicing sex.

Even though your baby is bigger, he won`t have any reason to suffer. The only inconvenience probably is that you couldn`t have sex in the missionary position or in the position when the woman stay on top. But if you use your imagination, you`ll definitely find other comfortable position to have memorable sexual intercourse in this lovely period of your life.

Encountered Issues

Some sex position might be awkward, but you don`t need to give up. Also, the sexual activity that is involved may “excite” the baby in that by feeling the movements, he`ll start being a bit agitated as well, you you`ll feel him more frequently. But don`t worry that your partner may hit him when doing sex – this is only a myth! There`s a lot of distance before the penis and your baby ever meet.

Sex in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

You may feel big and unattractive. You are tired and you need to use the toilet quite often. This isn`t really an exciting situation, so you may find it rather difficult to become creative. Still, keep in mind that you cannot harm the baby if you are having sex. The only exceptions are when your doctor tells you.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, sex may trigger the delivery of the baby, as the substances contained by the sperm may help the cervix to dilate. Another reason that should interest you is that the stimulation of nipples may release oxytocin, a hormone that may trigger contractions. Lots of couples are having sex after the pregnancy has reached the term to trigger the birth.

Encountered Issues

You definitely cannot stand on the back, but you may certainly try the spoon position or use some pillows. You still don`t have to worry that the penis may touch the baby.  However, you should avoid doing sex in the last days of your pregnancy. You have other things on your mind right now.

Note: If your water broke, you shouldn`t consider doing sex. This is a situation where sex may really hurt your baby. Once the mucus plug was removed and your water broke, there`s practically nothing that may protect your baby. Any foreign body that is inserted into the vagina may lead to a possible infection.

How Soon After Birth Can I Have Sex?

No matter if you are giving birth naturally or through C-section, your organism will need time to recover. Lots of doctors advise to wait 4 to 6 weeks before starting to have sexual contacts again. This period of time will allow the cervix to return to the original size and heal any vaginal rupture you may have experienced.

If you experience pain or you are feeling too exhausted to have sex, maintain the intimacy in your relationship through other ways. Offer yourself a few of minutes just for you 2 before going to sleep or early in the morning before getting out of bed.

When you`ll think you`re ready to have sex, do it with “baby steps” and always use contraception if you want to prevent another pregnancy.

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