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Home Remedy Pregnancy Test: 6 Ways to See If You Are Pregnant

If you are starting to wonder about possible home remedy pregnancy test options to see if you are expecting, you should know from the start that modern medicine has a large arsenal that is sufficiently large to determine if the woman is pregnant or not. Most of them offer an efficiency of at least 95%.

Home Remedy Pregnancy Test

Women can easily put a diagnosis on their own by purchasing from their nearest pharmacy one of the many pregnancy tests available on the market. But what if for some reason this isn`t possible and they need to figure it out new ways of knowing if they`ll have a baby or not?

The 1st Urine Method

The most revealing way to determine if a woman is pregnant or not is urine Generally speaking, this method is used in pregnancy tests. In the past, urine was also the most informative method of determining the pregnancy of a woman.

At home, things go as it follows: a blank sheet of clean paper is used to spread a bit of urine along with a drop of iodine after. In case that the woman was pregnant, the sheet`s color changed to pink or dark blue. This was done in the morning immediately after the woman was waking up. If the color was very concentrated (dark yellow), then the probability would have been almost 100%. Plus, the urine from the evening was also good for observation.

The 2nd Urine Method

Another method to determine a pregnancy was based also on urine and iodine. In this case, the urine was collected in a small glass in which it was placed a drop of iodine. Then it was supposed to notice the iodine`s behavior. If case that the woman was pregnant, the iodine would have remained on the surface. If not, it would have spread. The method is pretty simple and accessible for everyone.

The Pulse Method

The woman`s pulse was also a good way to notice if a woman was pregnant or not. For this method to work, the woman was supposed to lie gently on her back and touch a place on her abdomen about 8cm from her belly button. For pregnant woman, this place was characterized by a throbbing pulse. The method doesn`t offer a probability of 100%, but it`s quite important in combination with other methods. After all, it only shows that inside the woman was born a new life.

A Method from Antiquity

You should keep in mind that any of the described methods aren`t 100% sure. But their comprehensive analysis and comparison draw attention on the idea if the woman is pregnant or not.

There`s another method which at first can seem ridiculous, but according to many it worked in the past. Its usage is based on the ancient beliefs. Whether or not you trust it is a personal manner, but don`t forget that many believed that it worked.

So, the woman took an engagement ring and a piece of her hair. The ring was hanged on the piece of hair and placed above her belly. If the ring moved from one side to another or in circles, this meant that the woman was pregnant. If it didn`t moved at all, she wasn`t.

A lot of people believed that this method was based on a unique bio-current of the individual and its interaction with his biofield, which made the rink rotate. Others thought that a small shake of the hand made the rink to move. No matter the truth, every woman decides for herself, although it`s interesting to check the truth of ancient practices.home remedy pregnancy test

Tracking the Symptoms

Taking into consideration mood changes is among the oldest methods in showing that a woman is pregnant. You should remember that this is strongly related to the lack of menstruation, morning sickness, vomit sensation, irritability, fatigue and other pregnancy symptoms that indicate a change of mood. The presence of such signs is almost always the easiest way in which a woman can know if she is pregnant or not.

A Check of Physical Health

A good method to determine a possible pregnancy implies a constant check of the physical health. You can easily notice that woman use these methods in our present times as well. By preparing to become methods, a lot of women have begun to measure their body temperature on their own and check their period or discharges on a daily basis.

Then, based on the results they can form a schedule. However, the method is rather boring and not all women are ready to follow such a strict routine in the attempt to become a mother. Most women prefer the simpler and faster methods of the modern medicine.

Generally speaking, the content of information of most traditional methods that people use in the attempt to determine a pregnancy is insufficient. Therefore, it`s best if is to use any specific method and then double check. In case you strongly suspect you are pregnant and you are still not sure, you should get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible.

Before trying find out about more home remedy pregnancy test options, try to remember that children are the happiness and sense of life. So it`s best to visit a doctor and get a pregnancy test based on blood sample to be sure 100% about your possible pregnancy.

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