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Can You Have Contractions Without Pain?

Can you have contractions without pain? You have to admit that the thought of entering into labor probably frightens you. However, there are some things you that you can take into consideration to make your labor less painful.

Can You Have Contractions Without Pain

Is there a person who didn`t have moments of pain at least once in his life? During these situations we used traditional ways of treatment, we tried to talk to our close ones, and we tried to relax so to regain our strengths. Out of pure reflex, we know somehow to relieve ourselves from suffering when we are in pain.

The same thing should happen in pregnancy during labor as well. If you choose to give birth at home, there are several things you can do to feel better. If you will give birth at a hospital, the nurses will take care of you.

Preparing the Baby

From around 34 weeks you can start to encourage your baby to place himself in the right position, which is with his head down. Sit on your knees regularly, on a birth ball, or on a chair if you don`t have one. Avoid lying down on your back. You can also try swimming. All these things can help prepare both mother and child for birth.

Stay Focused on What You Are Doing

During labor try to concentrate on breathing and acknowledge how your contractions are changing.

Do Exercises to Stay Fit

Healthy mothers find it to be easier to pass over pain and they also tend to have a faster labor. Short walks on a daily basis before birth could help. You can also go swimming or do yoga.

Massaging the Perineum

After around 34 weeks you can start easily massaging the perineum, which is the area between the vaginal opening and the anus. You can use for this almond oil or wheat germ. During birth you`ll feel more certain of your body and more relaxed when pushing. By preparing the perineum, you can avoid possible breaks or an episiotomy, which an incision of the perineum.

Be Active

Mostly during the first stage of your labor, try to do an easy walking. Your might feel less pain and you`ll maybe have a shorter labor as well. Again, try to avoid lying down on your back.

Is Safe to Give Birth at Home

Mothers who for their first child had an easy pregnancy could choose for the next ones to give birth at home where they`ll have fewer interventions and less stress to endure.

Keep your Energy

It`s essential to drink a lot of liquids and eat small meals.

Try Hypnotherapy

During hypnotherapy you`ll learn new ways of breathing, relaxation or visualization. They can help you get rid of fear, to avoid tension and to face pains during birth more easily.

Up, Down and Over

This is related to a position that you should try during labor. If you give birth at home, lean forward on the kitchen countertop. If you are at the hospital, gather all the pillows from the bed and lean forward over them. When you get tired during labor, get on your knees in front of the bed and put your chest on it. Your baby`s head will put pressure on the cervix, which in turn could help you have a more easier labor.

Consider a Second Midwife

Midwives can offer you emotional support during labor and can make your birth experience less painful and with less medications.

Emotional Support

It`s more likely that women who are encouraged and feel the support of a close person by their side may have a positive birth experience. For pain relief, the pregnant woman`s partner or mother can be a great “painkiller.”

Drink Tea from Raspberry Leaves

The consumption of raspberry leaves helps the pregnant woman`s uterus to prepare for birth. This tea should be consumed 4 times per day after 36th week of pregnancy. Research shows that women who consumed this tea had a shorter labor and had less need of pain relief during birth.

Breather Properly

You should always try to breathe deeply and slowly. This way you`ll feel more relaxed, you`ll prevent muscle tension and the cervix will slowly expand. Breathe deeply with each contraction. Try to maintain your face relaxed so you can avoid muscle tension as much as possible.

Rest for a While

If your contractions stop when you are fully dilated and the baby doesn`t come out, you can take a moment and rest for a few minutes. This way you`ll be prepared for the time when the contractions will start again and you`ll feel more prepared for the final stage of birth.

Water Birth

This way of giving birth can offer a shorter and less painful labor. The water will usually offer relaxing and peaceful thoughts.

Listen to your Body

Push only when you feel ready and keep your energy between contractions.

Make Easy Exercises Like Climbing Stairs

Easy exercises can help your baby to move through the pelvis.


If the person next to you is able to offer a massage, you may be able to go more easily through labor. Recent research has shown that 80% of women who received a massage during labor didn`t need so much pain relief through medications or anesthesia. The impulses induced through massage reach the brain much faster than impulses produced by pain.

Distractions of Attention

Anything that can distract you from pain is welcome. It can either read an interesting book, listen to MP3 or do any anything that can keep your mind occupied.

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