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9 Surprising Ways to Let People Know You Are Pregnant

You just found out the big news and you can`t wait to let everyone know. Such a special moment can become one of your most beautiful memories, that`s why it`s not a bad idea to add a few original twists to the situation.

Let People Know You Are Pregnant

The ways you let everyone else know that you are pregnant are countless, that`s why a decision in this matter can be rather difficult to make. Most mothers have confronted with this little dilemma at one point in their life, but in the end they found the perfect way to announce everybody that a baby is on its way into this world.

1. Peas in your Palm

The first one who has the right to find out the news is your life partner, who will most likely be overwhelmed with emotions. The intensity of the moment can increase significantly if you offer him the opportunity to guess that is about to be a father.

Before dinner, ask your partner to give you his right hand, take a small pea in your hand and put it on his hand. Then tell him with a soft voice something like “Do you want to hear something amazing? This is how small is your baby right now.” His face will most likely reflect confusion at first, but then he`ll definitely show joy and enthusiasm.

2. The First Message from the Baby

The grandparents, your husband`s parents, are the next close people who you`ll want to offer the news that a new member is on his way to complete the family. Make a normal invitation to the restaurant for a “whatever” reason, buy a clothing item for a baby where you could write something like “I love my grandparents” or other catchy message, and put it in a beautiful gift box.

At the dinner, tell your grandparents that you have something symbolic for them to offer as a gift that you think they might like. Even though they might look surprised at first, when they see what`s inside the gift box, they`ll certainly think it was a wonderful idea.

3. Your News on Social Websites

If you usually like to keep in touch with people on social websites, like Facebook or Twitter, you could use your social profile to let your family and friends find out that you just got pregnant. This method is cheap and efficient, and nowadays is at everyone`s disposal.

You could take a picture of your positive pregnancy result and post it online. In case that you might feel your intimacy would be affected, you could instead post an image that will only suggest the fact that you are pregnant, such as a pregnant woman or a small baby picture with a cute message. In a short time, you`ll be the target of a lot of congratulations and greetings that will definitely make you feel special and loved.

4. The “Puzzle” News

Another unique way of letting your life partner or other important people in your life know about the fact that you are pregnant is to order a special puzzle on which to add a specific text like “You`ll be a wonderful father” or “You`ll be the baby`s favorite uncle.” Such a method of letting everyone else know your news will most likely be appreciated.

5. The “Surprise” Card

If you are the kind of person who generally uses traditional ways of communication, you could surprise your boyfriend or husband with a surprise card.

Write on the face of the card with capital letter something catchy, like “It`s your fault,” to fully arouse his curiosity. Then write inside the card something funny like “Congratulations, your swimmers have own the race. You`ll get your prize in 9 months.”

6. The Cake from the Oven

A creative photographer has thought to associate the pregnancy of one of his clients with the preparation of a delicious cake in an oven. So he asked the sister of the unborn baby to have her picture taken next to her kitchen toy, assuming her role of “The Nr. 1 Child.” On the oven`s door has written “The Nr. 2 Child,” suggesting that in 9 months will be born the second child of the 2 parents. Catchy idea, isn`t it?

7. The Matrioska Dolls

These dolls are toys made from wood with bright colors in which are placed other similar dolls of smaller sizes. So it`s only obvious an association between such dolls and the arrival of a baby into this world. It was designed a greeting card printed with Matrioska dolls on the first page that is announcing the recipient that another doll is preparing to complete the series of dolls, suggesting the idea of a baby being born soon. A subtle message, but effective!

8. The Big Promotion

Your first baby can also be the best messenger of the great news. To make the announcement more adorable, use this method. Have the child of any family that you are friends with to brag around that he or she will be promoted with the “Big Brother/Big Sister” job starting with the month in which your baby will be born. A cute twist if you don`t already have a child to place on the brother/sister role.

9. Movie Poster

In the anticipation of your baby, you are so happy that you feel like your life is like in the movies. Then why not create a poster to promote your beautiful story? You and your partner can receive the main roles, and the title can be “Our Little Boy” or “our Little Girl.” The release date can be your birth date. This can be a great choice, especially for those who enjoy watching movies.

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