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How to Lose Weight After Giving Birth

You just gave birth and you want to loss 3, 7 ..10 kg, but the problem is that you don`t seem to have any success. Your belly doesn`t seem to get any thinner, the fat on your abdomen is still there, and you don`t seem to know what to do anymore. Well, you are not alone on this!

After Birth

Almost any mother soon after birth has this challenge, but there are steps that you can take to avoid becoming a desperate mother.

After birth, your body has changed almost in totality. You probably added around 10 to 13 kg, your waist has become larger, the uterus has become larger as well, which explains why you still feel you have a big abdomen. Don`t get impatient as it`s quite normal for this to happen.

It`s practically impossible for you to be as you were before pregnancy. Your skin will gain its tonicity after 5 or 6 months, and to regain your figure after giving birth you generally need to wait up to 9 months.

When to Start the Diet?

During the first few days after giving birth it`s rather hard to start a diet. Your newborn won`t allow you too much time for yourself, and you`ll need the time left between breastfeeding, grocery shopping and nights lost to regain strengths. More than this, during this period isn`t recommended to start a diet, as the last thing you need now is to have any food deficiencies.

Wait a few weeks when you consider starting a diet after giving birth. Breastfeeding is already taking plenty of your energy and helps with weight loss, but this doesn`t mean you can throw yourself to any kind of temptations.

Try to eat healthy and well balanced, focusing your attention on iron (grill meat, fish), calcium (milk), stews (meat, vegetables) and drinking a lot of water.

Advices for your Body Figure

Because your schedule is upside down once a baby has become the most important thing in your life, still, try not to let things affect your eating. Avoid eating while standing, grabbing small bites when you can, but instead choose regular meals, the longer ones without hurrying.

Because you are home almost every day, grabbing small bites of junk food is very tempting. This is mostly because it`s easy and offer a sense of saturation for a while. It`s also unhealthy because it doesn`t offer any nutritional value. If you can help yourself, avoid buying them. Fill your refrigerator with fruits. Choose to eat meals without fat that you can boil or cook in grill.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits because they are rich in fiber and offer you a sense of saturation until the next meal.

Don`t choose a strict diet. Your body is messed up anyway after pregnancy and birth. This is not the right moment to start brutalizing it after what it has been through. The best thing you can do is start by losing 500g each week. This is the right call for both you and your health.

You can also opt to exercise when you find the time. Any diet can make wonders if it`s followed by exercises. But be careful – at first, it`s best if you only do easy exercises, with your arms and legs, as your body is still fragile. Walking is perfect for both losing weight and relaxation, so find yourself 30 minutes each day to walk if you can.

In time, after you feel ready, you can start aerobic exercises, jogging or swimming. This type of exercises will eliminate fat from your body a lot faster. At first, try to opt for the duration of the exercises and not for their intensity.

If you feel it`s something too hard to do on your won, you can also use the services of a nutritionist.

In Conclusion

It`s hard to return to your initial figure after giving birth, but it`s certainly not impossible. If you`ll put time and patience into the weight loss process, you`ll most definitely see results sooner or later.

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