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When Is Masturbation during Pregnancy Safe?

During pregnancy, you learn what`s safe for you and what`s not, and most mothers prefer to opt for a more cautious approach. Certain topics of discussion, such as masturbation during pregnancy, may be considered taboo, and some women may feel uncomfortable when talking about this practice and won`t ask if it`s safe or not for their baby. Fortunately, the answer it`s pretty simple: except the case when the pregnancy is of high risk, this is a natural and normal act.

When Is Masturbation during Pregnancy Safe?

A pregnant woman is still a woman. Lots of future mothers discover that their libido increases significantly during pregnancy, most likely due to the hormonal changes (the levels of progesterone and estrogen are usually involved). However, the opposite variant is not excluded, which is don`t find any interest in sex or masturbation (due to the occurrence of symptoms of nausea, vomiting, exhausting and physical changes of the body, being just as normal to not show any interest for sex).

Basically, if you experience normal or increased sexual desires, masturbation shouldn`t be a problem while expecting. The obstetrician is able to indicate whether vaginal penetration or orgasm may cause issues. Some women will notice slight cramping after reaching orgasm during intercourse or masturbation, a sensation related to the muscles that contract and which may trigger Braxton-Hicks contractions. These contractions normally appear during the second and third trimester of pregnancy, being characterized by irregular contractions that last indefinitely and don`t reconcile as contraction during labor do.

However, if your pregnancy has a high risk of premature labor, orgasm may increase the changes of triggering labor. Also, sperm ejaculated in the vagina may determine the cervix to become softer and trigger premature labor. During orgasm, it should be mentioned that oxytocin is released into the bloodstream, known to be similar to medications that obstetricians use to induce labor; the same drug helps in decreasing the uterus after labor. There`s no clinical evidence that masturbation can trigger labor, but it`s still an important matter that you need to talk to your gynecologist.

Benefits for Masturbation While Pregnant

A lot of women consider that masturbation is an excellent method to relax during pregnancy. Moreover, it may relieve a series of side effects of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, lower back pain, sciatica or swollen legs. Also, offers a satisfaction even in those situations when the increased belly makes sexual contact more difficult, especially since libido is in a lot of cases extremely increased, and the partner cannot always handle it. Some women may consider that masturbation while expecting is a unique way of exploring their bodies that are in a constant change. The fact that you are at peace with your own body during pregnancy may represent a positive aspect, and masturbation may be a useful way regarding this.

While pregnancy evolves, it may be difficult to find comfortable or pleasant positions for both you and your partner. There are also situations when men might be concerned that the baby may be harmed during sex, reason for which mutual masturbation may be a viable alternative.

To Remember

Masturbation during pregnancy doesn`t have to be any different than the one practiced until then. In case you generally use various toys or devices, give them up if they are uncomfortable or cause cramps. Don`t use them if:

  • Your water breaks.
  • You noticed a bleeding.
  • You are exposed to an increased risk of premature birth.
  • You have a placenta positioned too low.

Also, be careful with any objects you may use to masturbate yourself – they have to be cleaned and sanitized to prevent any possible infections that may cause complications with your pregnancy. In this regard, you should avoid inserting in the vagina any foreign bodies as they may be full of germs. Any woman should be aware that if there`s any pain or discomfort felt during masturbation, she should stop; and if the pain continues, he should consult a doctor right away.

There`s as series of situations in which the doctor may recommend to avoid sexual contact during pregnancy, either for a certain amount of time, or for the entire pregnancy (it may be about sexual intercourse, orgasm or penetration). It`s recommended to ask your doctor if masturbation is included. Such situations include:

  • Symptoms/history of premature labor.
  • Diagnosis of placenta previa/incompetent cervix.
  • Experiencing vaginal bleeding.

Thus, pregnant women with a history of weak cervix should check if penetration is safe. Any device may stimulate uterine muscle tension and eventually cause premature labor.

Because orgasm triggers Braxton-Hicks contractions, there`s no problem if they remain irregular or disappear, but rather only if they become painful, constant or accompanied by bleeding or loss of amniotic liquid. In this case, it`s recommend to talk to a specialist.

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