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Menstruation during Pregnancy: 4 Things You Really Must Know

Menstruation over pregnancy is a controversy that gives chills to most women. If you are pregnant, how can you still have a menstrual cycle? And if it still appears, would this mean that the fetus is in danger or that a miscarriage is imminent? Most of these dilemmas have a medical explanation, but when it comes to a pregnancy, nothing is written in stone.

Most women are thinking at a possible pregnancy when the menstruation is delayed. Unfortunately, the presence of bleeding doesn`t completely exclude the possibility of conception because there are pregnant women who have vaginal bleeding after becoming pregnant. So, can you still have a menstrual cycle even if you are pregnant?

1. Menstruation in Pregnancy Is Not … Menstruation

The real menstrual bleeding appears only when the egg isn`t fertilized by the sperm and is eliminated. So, the menstruation itself isn’t possible once you became pregnant.

On the other hand, there`s the possibility for you to bleed or to notice blood spots on your underwear. This may seem to you similar or identical to a menstrual cycle. This is actually the phenomenon which determines a lot of women to confuse bleeding after conception with an actual menstruation and alarm themselves without knowing the real reason behind the bleeding.

2. Causes for Bleeding during Pregnancy

Vaginal bleeding is a frequent phenomenon during pregnancy, which appears in average at 1 out of 4 pregnant women. This doesn`t necessarily indicate there`s a serious problem, especially if this occurs during the 1st trimester of pregnancy: when it doesn`t attach itself on the uterus, the fertilized egg can cause a small bleeding because the endometrium is strongly vascularized.

Bleeding during pregnancy can also occur during a sexual intercourse (the tissue of the female`s reproductive system “hosts” a large amount of blood in the membranes).

3. The Danger from Bleeding during Pregnancy

Even though the bleeding after conception can be harmless, a visit to the doctor is still recommended. Bleeding during the 1st trimester of pregnancy can be caused by signs of an ectopic pregnancy, of a miscarriage or the embryo`s inability to develop in the uterus after implantation.menstruation during pregnancy

Bleeding during the 1st trimester can also hide a molar pregnancy, which happens when there isn`t any sign of development of the fetus, just abnormal tissue in the uterus. When there`s blood leaking from the vagina during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, there`s a big possibility for something to have gone wrong: the pregnant woman can suffer of placenta previa (the placenta covers the cervix) or suffer a placental abruption (when the placenta detached from the uterine wall), that`s why a surgical intervention is mandatory.

4. Some Pregnancies Disappear Before They Begin

The reproduction process isn`t yet completely controlled by science. A lot of pregnancies just disappear before they actually begin. At that point a small bleeding can appear which can easily be confused with menstruation. Recent medical data show that in average 25% of pregnancies end by childbirth.

Women at their first pregnancy are often confused regarding the signals received from their body. A woman can surely know that she may have had a miscarriage only after making a pregnancy test or going to the doctor. Unfortunately, during the first 12 weeks, the doctor isn`t able to save a pregnancy, if the bleeding announce a miscarriage.

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