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10 Mistakes Men Do When It Comes To Sex

So, do you think you know pretty much everything there`s to know about sex, right? That women no longer have any secret, and if there`s a universally valid encyclopedia about eroticism, you wrote it in most part? The truth is somehow different though! In fact, a lot of the things men think they know are wrong. And the mistakes made can even be elementary and can be the key to a failed relationship. Women are many things, but open books they are not. And this observation is true in terms of their sexual behavior, not just how they behave in a relationship, for example.

Mistakes Men Do When It Comes To Sex

Their sexual appetite, their preferences and the way the female body excites are still being studies by experts, so there`s little chance that their response will be in the mind of a man. Men`s mistakes when it comes to sex are somewhat excusable in that most of them make sex alone. The only advice and tips they get are from erotic movies, real “milestones” in the existence of any man, of course.

However, unfortunately reality in porn movies differs a lot from what`s going on in everyday life. With the aging process, experience accumulates, but a lot of women are shy and prefer not to tell the man next to them what pleases them, excite them, where to insist, and what to avoid. Because the subject is sensitive and there aren`t many to who admit that, indeed, sometimes the partner`s glazing isn`t as it should be, the experts have drawn up a list of the most common mistakes that men might make in the bedroom.

He Knows What He Wants

Men have a lot to do with women with women they have intimate relationships (and not only). One of the most common such assumptions is that they know exactly what they want. And this assumption comes from the experience they have had with other women. If this is the case, we need to specify from the beginning that not all women are the same. – Check this!

The experience gained with other women is very useful, but in the current relationship, it`s even more helpful to be careful what your partner tells you. Depending on the “indications” you receive, you may apply what you already know. It`s wrong to leave from the premise that what excites your ex girlfriend will work now as well. And this advice is applicable to the whole relationship, not just to the sexual component. There are women who are fond of 1-night adventures, and for which such casual sex parties are all they want from a man, and other ones who attach themselves from their partner after only one sexual intercourse. And, of course, all other women who are caught between these extremes.

You Have Everything He Wants

Not always! Experts have come to the conclusion, surprising and frightening for some men, that there are women who cannot have orgasm except at a vibration of over 3.000 rpm. It`s already understood that such vibration cannot be offered even by the fastest oral or natural hand stimulation, and for such situations there are vibrators. However, some men don`t really agree with their usage, which may lead to some issues.

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Just because the partner cannot reach the orgasm than only she uses a vibrator, it doesn`t mean that there`s something wrong with her. In such cases, the vibrator should be regarded as a helper rather than as a substitute. It will take care of that part that you can`t, while you can deal with parts of your partner`s body.

Sex Is Perceived the Same by Both Men and Women

Not quite, not exactly! Experts say there`s a lot of difference between how men and women understand sex, but also how it feels for each of them. The penetration sensation of a man can be felt completely differently by his partner. No matter how pleasant it`s at one end, the other can be even tortuous.

The inside of women`s vagina is sometimes less sensitive than other erogenous areas. Deep penetration, in the hope that it will further stimulate, can do more harm than good, it can be felt by the partner like a strong blow in the stomach. The sensation that will follow will certainly not pleasure them either. The nausea you might cause isn`t a subjective state, but actually a reflex that can be triggered in these cases.

You Know the Woman`s Anatomy Better than She Does

Just because most men know what a clitoris is and where it`s located, it doesn`t mean they can teach female genital anatomy. Clitoris is just a part of a larger whole. For a deep sensation of excitement, experts recommend more study. The erogenous areas of a woman aren`t limited to vulva and clitoris. Additionally, very few men understand how it is with the clitoris and what it`s its role.

Therefore, it should be established that the clitoris is the penis counterpart, a part of the female erectile system, the most erogenous area of a woman, and stimulation produces sexual arousal. However, concentrating exclusively on the clitoris won`t offer a complex excitement, which most women want, but if the rhythm and intensity are the right one, orgasm can be reached.

There is no universal rhythm, every woman has her own. What should be retained is the correspondence of the 2: clitoris-penis, men being advised to touch the partner`s clitoris in a similar way to the one they themselves would like to feel.

Don`t Assume Anything

Don`t assume just because you are satisfied that your beloved one is as well. If you don`t make an effort to make the act good for both of you, your love affair may have been a fiasco for your partner. Not all women have fast orgasms, so there`s a need for something extras so they can get there as well.

Lack of Personal Care

When you are in the fire of passion, a beard on her sensitive skin isn`t a sexy thing at all. One of the things women don`t overlook is the lack of personal hygiene. It`s rather important for you to be shaved during sexual contacts, unless your partner prefers it otherwise. For some women, this is a necessity. It`s just as important as it`s for men their partners to be hairless on their legs.

Not to Offer Sexual Favors in Return

Women often complain about men who gladly accept oral pleasures, but never return their favor. Egoism may be an enemy of intimacy because a partner cannot always expect to be sexually satisfied while the other doesn`t benefit from the same treatment. Don`t forget that the partner needs the same attention as you do.

You Always Finish too Fast

This mistake is well known, but no list can be completed unless it`s included. You need to have control over your body and ejaculate at the right time. If you cannot control yourself and get to orgasm quickly, then give it more to prelude. Most women are happy if they game lasts for at least 20 minutes.

Forcing Sexual Fantasies

Men make the mistake of not respecting women`s comfort zones and, therefore expect them to do anything to satisfy them in the bedroom. A lot of women have an adventurous side and are willing to try new things in bed if they have enough trust in their lovers. But if you want to get to that point, the last thing you should do is to impose your sexual desires and fantasies at the beginning of your relationship. Don`t forget! Real sex isn`t like we see in adult movies, so try to introduce new positions slowly.

Silence Is Gold!

A lot of men think they should be as quiet as possible during sex. Completely wrong! Only if the partner is given clear signs that she does the right thing, if she`s encouraged, she`ll continue and things will end in a pleasant way. Otherwise, she might think that all her “struggle” is in vain and will give up.

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A partner who will want to satisfy you, will appreciate if she`s guided with suggestions. Otherwise, she`ll have to guess what you like and what not, and sometimes there might not be concordance between your thought and actions. So, specialists say a conversation about “what I like” is useful for both partners.

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