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Work-Related & Outdoor Activities That Are Dangerous During Pregnancy

Most women don`t experience any issues during pregnancy, and in this case, it`s possible for them not to pay very much attention to their safety regarding the activities performed on a daily basis.

Outdoor Activities Dangerous During Pregnancy

While the pregnancy progresses, it`s good to try and avoid as much as possible those types of activities that present a risk on your pregnancy and which increase your chances to suffer any abdominal trauma. Thus, it`s recommended to know what are the activities that can be listed as forbidden activities during pregnancy. Document yourself regarding each activity and decide knowingly which activities it`s best to give up practicing and which are the risks involving them.

Outdoor Activities

Horse Riding

The danger when it comes to horses during pregnancy comes from the risk of falling or getting hit by the horse in case it gets agitated or scared. Both situations may lead to miscarriage, premature birth or the birth of your child dead. Even the most experienced rider can fall from a horse, especially because when it comes to pregnant women, the gravity center of their body changes. Although a pregnant woman can still take care of some of the responsibilities that are related to taking care of a horse, when it comes to horse riding is recommended to wait until you give birth.

Activities Related to Amusement Parks

The games from amusement parks aren`t really recommended during pregnancy. Any forced landing on a slide or any sudden stops may affect your pregnancy or baby quite seriously.

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Climbing & Hot Air Ballooning

These 2 types of distraction are to be avoided because they both involve high altitudes, meaning a change in oxygen levels that may trigger a possible miscarriage.

Scuba Diving

This is also on the list of forbidden activities while pregnant, because there is evidence showing that the baby can face the risk of triggering decompression illness that affects amateur divers, and can lead to miscarriage.

Extreme Sports, Bungee Jumping

If, strangely, you may feel the need of practicing an extreme sport now that you are pregnant, you should get rid of these ideas as soon as possible. Doctors warn us on the high risks related to obvious reasons for safety.


It`s not really a good idea, especially if you aren`t experienced. If you have some kind of experience, then you should probably continue until your second trimester of pregnancy, because after that, the chance of your center of gravity may affect your balance on the bicycle and may transform this sport in a dangerous outdoor activity during pregnancy.

Contact Sports

They are to be avoided, and in this list we also include soccer, basketball and hockey, because you expose yourself to a high risk of injuring yourself in all these sports, by colliding with a different player, dropping during the game or being hit by the ball.

Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing isn`t recommended throughout the 9 months of pregnancy due to the serious risk of falls or injuries. Also, high-altitude skiing brings with it a risk of oxygen deprivation for both you and your baby.

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This sport is forbidden during pregnancy because it implies a high risk of falling and suffering serious abdominal trauma.


If before pregnancy you weren`t the type that run in parks from time to time, it isn`t really the time to start now. If you used to run, then it`s probably fine to continue practicing this outdoor activity, but in moderation. From your second trimester of pregnancy, when the risk of falling starts to increase, you should avoid running and be a lot more cautious. Just as in the case of other types of physical exercises, when running is concerned you should avoid overheating and drink a lot of liquids to replace the ones you lose through sweating.

Snowboarding & Surfing

As with other extreme sports, snowboarding and surfing involves a big risk of suffering serious abdominal trauma when falling.


If you used to play tennis before pregnancy, now it`s probably time to maintain a more moderate pace when it comes to this sport. However, you should consider the fact that you may experience issues when performing sudden stops or trying to keep your balance, so be careful where and how you make your steps. During the second and third trimester of pregnancy, it`s not advisable to play tennis.

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Nautical Skiing

Here`s another outdoor activity which normally would be a lot of fun, but now you shouldn`t really included among the physical activities that you could perform during pregnancy. This sport is on the list of extreme sports, at least when it comes to pregnant women, due to the risk of suffering abdominal trauma

You are advised to talk to your doctor immediately, if you following a physical activity, you experience any of the following signs:

  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Chest pain;
  • Premature labor;
  • Draining fluids from your vagina;
  • Vaginal bleeding;
  • Headache;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Decreased fetal movements;
  • Dizziness;
  • Fainting.

Work-Related Activities

Using Computers

There`s no evidence whatsoever regarding any risk involving the baby due to regular using of computers. Therefore, if your daily job involves using a computer, you have no reasons to worry regarding your pregnancy. – More info!

X-Ray Examinations

In most situations, the risk for an X-ray examination to affect your pregnancy is very low. If you found yourself in the situation to need such an examination for whatever reason, this doesn`t meant that your baby will be harmed in any way. Even so, doctors are suspicious and advise future mothers to wait until birth, if performing such an investigation isn`t an emergency. If your dentist asks from you to do a X-ray examination, he`ll also offer you some kind of protection to put on your belly during the test.

Air Transport

There isn`t kind of reason for which you cannot fly while being pregnant, besides the unpleasant feelings you might experience during early pregnancy, like nausea or morning sickness. However, if you are known to experience low blood pressure or bleeding, or if you have any other medical conditions (diabetes), it`s recommended to only take such a decision together with the doctor that supervises your pregnancy. Some airlines have certain policies regarding a pregnancy of more than 28 weeks (you need to present your medical certification), so you may need to check this out before reserving a flight.

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