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Are Laxatives Safe During Pregnancy?

Constipation is a common issue while expecting a baby, and women aren`t always talking about it. This in turn will often lead to great misfortunes. In case this turns into a serious problem, natural methods like a higher intake of water or fiber-rich foods might not help at all. And some of the first thoughts that may pop into your mind are laxatives. Before choosing this option, you should talk to your doctor and inform yourself on how safe they really are during pregnancy.

Are Laxatives Safe During Pregnancy

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Is It Safe To Have Cinnamon During Pregnancy?

There`s no one who hasn`t had to deal with exotic spice at least once in his life. It`s almost common knowledge that cinnamon improves specific functions of the human body, but does this happen during pregnancy as well? Here`s a few things about cinnamon you may want to know if you are expecting a baby.

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How To Increase Cervical Mucus?

Cervical mucus is one of the most efficient indicators of your fertile days. As not many women manage to monitor their most fertile periods exactly, the evaluation of the clinical changes suffered by the secretions produced by the cervix is a free and effective way of detecting the fertile periods.

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Can You Have Contractions Without Pain?

Can you have contractions without pain? You have to admit that the thought of entering into labor frightens you.

No pregnant woman wants to experience uterine contractions before labor is triggered. Still, they appear and they are perfectly normal starting with the third trimester of pregnancy. Learn how you can make the difference between false contractions and real ones.Can You Have Contractions Without Pain

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