The World of Pregnancy

How To Get Back To Work After Birth?

Those first months after your little one was born represented a tremor of emotions and hormones, overwhelming most mothers, an eternal conflict between the joy of being a mother and complete exhaustion. Then, when you finally manage to enter a normal path and learn how to manage the relationship with the little one, it`s time to get back to work.

How To Get Back To Work After Birth

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Toxic Action of Morphine

Morphine is the main active agent from opium, its concentration in the extract of opium being of 8% to 14%. After extraction, morphine presents itself with white prisms less soluble in ether and water, soluble in hard water, ethanol, chloroform, , amyl alcohol, benzene and even less soluble in ammonia. Gross morphine from the black market might have different concentrations, depending on the methods through which they are obtained and purification processes.

Toxic Action of Morphine

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