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13 Pregnancy Side Effects That May Take You By Surprise

Heartburn, excessive cervical mucus, uncontrolled cravings, stuffy nose – these are some of the side effects of pregnancy that almost anyone talks about. However, it`s possible not to have heard about the fact that some women are craving for dirt (pica) or produce so much saliva that they need to spit. Learn more about these surprising side effects to stay well informed for the most important period of time from a woman`s life.

Pregnancy Side Effects

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Are Obesity And Pregnancy Even Compatible?

Have you asked yourself if obesity and pregnancy are compatible? Well, yes – to the extent that all precautions are taken for the health of the mother and child. That is mostly because for pregnant mothers who suffer from obesity, pregnancy brings with it additional kilograms, which may lead to more complications and can offer them real headaches.

Obesity And Pregnancy

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Stretch Marks While Pregnant: What Are They & How to Prevent Them?

Up to 90% of pregnant women will confront themselves with the occurrence of stretch marks sooner or later. The few ones who won`t experience this issue have an elastic skin with a good tone, either due to genetic heritage, or the increased attention they have given to this issue over time – years of nutrition and sports before pregnancy.

Stretch Marks While Pregnant

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Cosmetic & Cleaning Products To Avoid During Pregnancy

A pregnant and responsible woman knows that this special period in her life is different, because she has to protect the life that grows inside her belly. Well, as a pregnant woman, it`s important to know what are the risks of using drugs during pregnancy, what are the forbidden teas while pregnant and, of course, what foods need to be avoided while expecting. But it`s also important to know what cosmetics may affect the life of the future baby.

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What Is The Best Potty For The Little One?

Each parent wants what is best for his child, so even the choice of a potty will become an important subject in the family in which at least one of the family`s members has the age of 18 – 20 months. It`s considered that now is the moment when the child becomes aware of the fact that he needs to use the potty, reaching the physiological and cognitive maturity for this purpose.

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