The World of Pregnancy

How Does Trauma, Neglect & Modern Technology Affect the Child`s Brain Development!

It might seem drastic, but the development of the brain of a child is generally influenced in a negative manner by several factors that include: poor stimulation, abuses or maltreatments experienced at any age, lack of maternal love, abandonment of the video games, online environment and television. All of these leave physical traces in the brains of children and have been studied in lots of studies and researches.Modern Technology Affect the Child`s Brain Development Continue reading

Is Pilates Safe During Pregnancy?

There are over 25.000.000 persons presently practicing this kind of trendy sport: Pilates. Most of them know it represents intense exercises for the joints, which require the sense of balance and control of the abdominal muscles, always coordinated with breathing. However, there are few that know that Pilates was invented by a German bodybuilder almost 100 years ago.

Is Pilates Safe During Pregnancy

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