The World of Pregnancy

APGAR Score`s Parameters & Meaning

Being the first test made to your baby, the APGAR score is performed right after birth. The test was designed for a quick evaluation of the physical condition of the newborn after birth and to determine any immediate need for additional medical intervention.


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Spina Bifida: Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment!

Most spinal cord abnormalities are caused by the abnormal closure of neural envelopes at weeks 3 and 4 of pregnancy. The malformations that are produced, known as neural tube defects, can affect the meninges, teguments, vertebrae and muscles. The severe neural tube defects, which involve neural and non-neural structures, occur at around 1/1.000 births. However, the incidence may vary depending on the population studied and may reach up to 1/100 births in certain areas, such as the northern part of China.

Spina Bifida

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Sleep Apnea During Pregnancy: Research, Signs, Risk Factors & Treatment

Sleep apnea during pregnancy represents a risk factor for both the pregnant woman and baby, warn scientists at the University of South Florida. According to them, pregnant women who are suffering of this disorder present a higher risk of needing additional medical care during pregnancy, while the illness causes the baby to also need additional care during the neonatal period.

Sleep Apnea During Pregnancy

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How Many Calories While Pregnant?

Don`t spoil yourself with the idea that once you remain pregnant, you can devour everything you find in your fridge or you can eat anything that you weren`t allowed by now. Yes, a pregnancy requires an increased consumption of energy and nutritive substances for the formation of the fetal organism and changes of the maternal sexual organs (uterus, placenta, mammary glands, etc). Food intake is adjusted depending on the necessities of the organism for the sensation of hunger, this adjustment being coordinated by 2 nerve centers located in the hypothalamus.How Many Calories While Pregnant Continue reading

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