The World of Pregnancy

25 Weeks Pregnant

When being 25 weeks pregnant or at 23 weeks of conception, while subcutaneous fat forms, the wrinkled skin starts to stretch and the fetus starts to resemble more and more with a newborn. His hair grows increasingly more and if you could see it, you could probably notice what color and texture will have his hair. Continue reading

Ultrasound During Pregnancy: How Does It Work & What Is Used For?

Ultrasounds used in obstetrics and gynecology consist in investigations using ultrasounds performed during pregnancy. From their introduction at the end of 1950s until our times when 3D (4D) ultrasounds are now available in most hospitals and private clinics, ultrasonography has become a very useful diagnostic instrument in obstetrics.

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

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Strawberries And Pregnancy: Are They Good For You?

Find out how you can consume strawberries while pregnant without being exposed to any risk. Maybe you asked yourself a lot of times if after you consuming strawberries, if they`ll have a negative effect on you or your fetus. You shouldn`t worry too much because strawberries don`t cause congenital malformations and aren`t harmful for pregnant women.

Strawberries And Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Test Online 100% Accurate!

If your period is late, you may suspect you are pregnant and want to be sure. A pregnant test online (100% accurate) can clear your doubts a bit, but you should first consult the list of pregnant symptoms and notice which ones you are experiencing. If you noticed at least 3 pregnancy signs, it`s probably time to take a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test Online 100% Accurate

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Grapes During Pregnancy: Health Benefits & Negative Aspects!

Is it safe to eat grapes during pregnancy? When you are about to become a mother, you are a lot more careful at what you eat, or at least that`s what it would suppose to be. Even if you are an amateur at certain foods, you must know that during pregnancy some foods should be consumed in moderation – grapes are among these foods. On one hand, it`s necessary to know that they can be beneficial for you and the baby.

Grapes During Pregnancy

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