The Wonderful World of Pregnancy

5 Weeks Pregnant

Although the symptoms aren`t always present when you are 5 weeks pregnant, a few signs that will help you acknowledge your pregnancy might still appear, such as mood changes or fatigue. Practically, if at this point you are pregnant, you have exactly 1 month of pregnancy.5 Weeks Pregnant Continue reading

4 Weeks Pregnant

When being 4 weeks pregnant, most women may find out that they are pregnant. The fetus is represented by a small ball full of cells which suffers lots of rapid changes until it will become an embryo. The placenta and umbilical cord are at the beginning of their development. Continue reading

Practicing Sports During Pregnancy: What Is And What Isn`t Allowed?

Among the best possible things when gaining weight and trying to provide a good health to your future child is to practice sports during pregnancy. As soon as you talked about this with the doctor who supervises your pregnancy, if he decides for you to take your sneakers and start doing exercises, there may be a couple of things that you should consider to keep your pregnancy safe.

Practicing Sports During Pregnancy

Continue reading

2 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 2 weeks pregnant you may already start to feel something different about you. Because it already passed 2 weeks from conception, the levels of hormones are increasing and it might be wised if you`ll take into consideration a pregnancy test. Continue reading


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