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How to Decide When Picking a Name for your Child

Most of us take into consideration some criteria or we are influenced by other people or events when we pick a name for our child.

The name of a child is usually given by parents at birth, but there are some rare occasions when we choose our names on our own. For that particular person, his name will become a personal characteristic. Picking a Name for your ChildIt`s well known that at the beginning names were represented by common words and they brought a certain information about that actual person, expressing either membership, a specific disability or trait. No matter the reason, it has become obvious that behind any name there`s a hidden “message”.

Picking a Name – A Decision for a Lifetime

When they find out they`ll have a child, it`s reccommended for parents to prepare ahead and pick a name for their child. But the decision shouldn`t be taken in a hurry because it`s something that will represent the child for the rest of his life. The name should be something to fit all of the periods of his or her life because it will be used when being a child, teenager or an adult.. So choosing its name isn`t something to make one day before birth, but well planned ahead. Also, choosing a name should be something that will fit well with your family name.

Choosing Names in Different Cultures

Just as in many other traditions, the choosing of a name is different from one continent to another. If in Europe parents used to pick a name for their children after grandparents, uncles or other relatives, in Asiatic cultures something like this almost never happens. To use the name of one of the parents is considered lack of respect, and the name of an older person is considered unsuitable for a child.

These days, a lot of names come from different countries because they sound nicer. It`s a good idea to have knowledge about the origin of your name because almost any name out there has a special meaning. A lot of people believe that this meaning will have an influence upon the destiny of the child. No matter your own opinion about it, try to find out its meaning before you decide on a name.

Nicknames & Long Names

If you are thinking to pick more names for your child, analyze what word is formed from the initials of the names. If the meaning of the new word formed sounds ugly, maybe it`s best to avoid them. This is the way nicknames get formed and they don`t sound nice or are offensive in some way, and if this should happen, it will influence parts your child`s life in a negative manner. The same thing happens if the name is too short or too long when other children will try to shorten them.

Parents should avoid picking names for their children according to their own fantasies or out of their own egos. Their child will be the one who will have to live with that name for the rest of his life. So as you noticed, picking a name is something that you don`t do on your way to the hospital.

Avoid Sophisticated or Hard to Pronounce Names

As the name is more sophisticated, harder to pronounce, or from a different culture, the more demanding and introverted the child might become. A simple and popular name may lead to the idea of normality. Priests advise parents to give their child a single name. Giving 2 or 3 names to their child is considered a weakness of the parents who aren`t able to put themselves together and make a common decision regarding a name that will both consider to be suitable for their child. As is probably obvious, Christianity would recommend parents to pick names of Christian saints, usually the name from the birthday date or the near days.

There are studies according to which some children behave so as to live up to their names or look like a name which they consider to be unsuitable for them. Such cases can affect them for their entire life. More than this, rare or unusual names attract the same kind of destiny. It`s not recommended to give to your child a name that is too unusual just because it sounds different. Other children might laugh about his name during childhood.

It`s best if you`ll consider that in life only one name is usually used the most, which is something that will affect his personality, especially if there will be diminutives used.

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