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Top 10 Fears Related to Plane Travel during Pregnancy

When you`ll need to go on a trip by plane while pregnant, there are lots of questions that pass through your mind, and there are a lot of and concerns that you may have about airplane travel.

Below you`ll find 10 of the most common questions that every pregnant woman is asking herself before going anywhere by plane.

Cosmic Radiation

Exposure to cosmic radiation during flight is extremely low and it wasn`t yet proven to have any side effect on the fetus. On the other hand, it was noticed that the fetus is pretty sensitive to such elements, and so it`s not really recommended to travel by plane too often. Experts doesn`t recommend more than 200 flight hours during pregnancy.

Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are totally harmless to the unborn child. They don`t use X-rays and you won`t be exposed to any radiations.

Scanner for Luggage

This type of scanner uses X-rays to scan the luggage, but you won`t be exposed to radiations if you stay near it for a little while. You would only be exposed to it if you would place your hand inside the scanner.

Pressure in the Cabin

Commercial airplanes maintain a standard level of pressure, a level which is usually safe for any pregnant woman who doesn`t have any complication with her pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor before traveling by plane and ask him if he considers you are exposing to any risk.


Both the flight by plane and pregnancy can increase the risk of thrombosis. Therefore, it`s recommended to move from time to time during your flight and wear special socks. Discuss with your doctor if you had thrombosis in the past and see if he recommends you to travel by plane.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness isn`t dangerous for you or your baby if it isn`t too severe. However, it`s possible that your travel with an airplane to contribute to your nausea by adding new senses that come with the airplane travel. Try to reserve a seat in the middle of the airplane and take with you a few fruits.


If you are traveling by plane during the third trimester of pregnancy, there`s a possibility for your labor to be triggered. Therefore, a lot of flight companies don`t allow boarding pregnant women passed the week 35, and some even up to week 28. Still, if you are in your third trimester of pregnancy and is absolutely necessary to travel by plane, be sure that you are aware of the required information in case your labor is triggered.


If you are thinking of traveling by plane during the first trimester of pregnancy, you should know that you may be exposing to an increased risk of miscarriage. This may be due to the fact that the first trimester is the most delicate period of pregnancy and is a period with an increased risk of miscarriage anyway, no matter if you choose to take a flight or not. It`s recommended to postpone any airplane traveling until the second trimester.

Breathing Difficulties

If you suffer from various breathing difficulties during pregnancy, such as asthma or high blood pressure, it isn`t recommended to take a plane even if you are traveling a small distance. Consult with your doctor before deciding to take a plane trip. – Check out this!

Boarding / Landing

A lot of pregnant women are worried not to be pushed around in the crowed when boarding or landing. Unfortunately, you cannot expect for everyone to be polite and think about others around them at all times, so you should take the initiative. Make sure that you have someone with you that could help you with the luggage (husband, friend, flight attendant). Don`t hurry when boarding, let everyone else go first when boarding or landing a plane. This way, you`ll avoid being pushed, shoved or kicked around. If you feel you don`t risk such situations, you can board or land with everyone else.

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