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Top 10 Pregnancy Concerns during the First Trimester

There`s no room for doubt. Being concerned is part of pregnancy, such as are stretch marks or having an increased belly. While is less likely to get rid of any concern until your baby is born, there are a lot of things you can do to avoid thinking to things that can worry you. Below is everything there`s to know about the first top 10 concerns during the first trimester of pregnancy.

I`m Concerned that I`ll Have a Miscarriage

If there`s any universal concern among pregnant women, this is having a miscarriage. While most women who are expecting will experience a happy ending, around 15% to 20% of pregnant women may experience a miscarriage. The way through which you can face this concern is to focus on the chances you have to avoid having a miscarriage, which is 80% to 85%.

I Don`t Feel Pregnant

Could I have been experiencing a miscarriage? After you have been struggling to face morning sickness and nausea for the last few weeks, this leading to excessive tiredness and swollen breasts, it may be pretty stressful to notice how these symptoms disappear overnight. While it`s true that the disappearance of these pregnancy signs may indicate a miscarriage (when the fetus dies, but it isn`t eliminated from the woman`s body immediately), this isn`t the only thing responsible for not experiencing these symptoms anymore. Anyway, they tend to disappear towards the end of the first trimester. In conclusion, if you are really concerned, you need to call a doctor or a midwife.

I Drank a Glass of Wine before I Found Out I`m Pregnant

Will my baby by ok? While is very clear that you shouldn`t expose your unborn child to notice substances, especially when his major organs are developing (between 2 and 8 weeks from conception), there`s no reason to worry now from having one glass of wine. Instead, you can focus on having a pregnancy as healthy as possible from the moment you find out you are pregnant.

I`m Pregnant I`m over 40 Years Old and Expecting

I`m worried I`m over 40 years old and this may put me in the situation of giving birth to a child with chromosomal abnormalities.

While the risk for your baby to be born with a chromosomal malformation, such as Down syndrome, is increasing along with your age, it`s important to keep in mind that a woman over 40 years old still has over 98% chances to give birth to a healthy child at a chromosomal level. Also, there are tests that can check if these abnormalities exist. If you have any concern regarding this, you can contact a doctor to check. – Click here!

I Fell Down the Stairs Last Night

I`m concerned that I may have had a miscarriage from felling down the stairs last night. While it`s pretty hard for this not to scary you, try to place into your mind the idea that your organism is designed to protect the baby from such accidents. The uterine walls are formed from thick muscles, and your baby flows into an amniotic liquid which has the role of cushioning any bumps you may receive into your belly. To this, you can also add the fact that the uterus is placed behind the pelvic bone at first during pregnancy, and you`ll see that the chances to experience a miscarriage from an accident are very small. If you are still worried from this, you can always visit your doctor just to be sure.

I Practically Survive with Biscuits and Ginger these Days

I`m concerned that my baby doesn`t get enough nutrients. If the baby gets less or more nutrients depending on how and what you eat, you should really fell concerned at times. Fortunately, Mother Nature gave us the possibility to store nutrients in our bodies. Your baby benefits from nutrients stored even from the time you experienced morning sickness, when you used to eat healthy.

Everyone Says I`m too Large

I may be concerned that I might have twins. If your belly begins to grab the attention of everyone around you and many people comment on the fact that you may be “too pregnant,” it`s absolutely normal to think you may have twins. While the chances of having twins are relatively small (1 out of 90, besides those who use IVF treatments), your only chance to find out for sure is by ultrasound examination.

I Had a Lot of Complications during My First Pregnancy

I`m concerned I may also experience complications with my second pregnancy. While you can experience some of the same complications that you had on your first pregnancy, other ones tend not to occur. Preeclampsia for instance, tends to be more a complication for the first pregnancy than for the second or third one. The best way to solve these problems is to talk to a gynecologist.

I`m Worried My First Child Will Reject the Baby

While you may be very enthusiastic that you are pregnant again, it`s very normal to worry that many things will change by adding another child to your family. While there might also be some negative points during the first weeks most families tend to let the4se issues pass on their own. You can help with a few simple actions. Talk to your husband or life partner to give more attention to your first child. Keep the same routines for your older child or offer a present to him from his little brother to has just came out into this world.

Your Vaginal Discharges Have Changed

I`m worried I may have some sort of an infection. This is, generally, the only cause of concern if the discharge starts to be of green or yellow color and change its consistency or odor. You don`t need to be alarmed if the number of leucorrhoea (white odorless discharge, similar to mucus) has increased while expecting. Hormonal changes may make your vagina to be wetter.

Fortunately, the concerns that you are experiencing during your first trimester of pregnancy won`t bother you forever. Before you know it, you`ll be in the second trimester with a new set of worries and concerns.

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