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Top 10 Pregnancy Concerns during the Second Trimester

Any concerns that you had during your first trimester of pregnancy won`t repeat in the second trimester. Does this mean that you don`t need to worry anymore? Probably not! And this is unfortunately because now there are other reasons to worry.

I`m Pregnant in the Week 16 and I didn`t Feel the Baby Moving Yet

Do I need to be worried? While you may expect to feel your baby moving in the second trimester of pregnancy, you should not necessarily assume that the baby should move until the week 16. In most cases, the baby starts to move between weeks 18 and 22. Thin mothers or those who already gave birth before have bigger chances to feel the baby moving a bit earlier. However, even the placenta can influence the baby`s movements (if he`s located outside the uterus, it will be able to cushion his movements, which may prevent you from feeling him moving).

I Sometimes Dream I Give Birth to a Deformed Baby

Why does this happen? It`s not unusual to experience such dreams during pregnancy. Experts believe that this may be related to hormones, which may affect some sleeping patterns. Fortunately, these dreams doesn`t really mean that there`s something wrong with the baby`s health. You have the same risk of giving birth to a baby with health issues as a woman who`s dreaming healthy babies. – Check this out!

I Just Started the Second Trimester and Gained 5 Kg

In this rhythm, you probably think you become huge. While most pregnant women gain maximum 2 kg during the first trimester of pregnancy, it`s not unusual to put more or less kg during this period. Instead of thinking of other problems, focus on the fact that you need to eat reasonable amounts of healthy foods and tend more to a gradual weight gain.

Last Night When I Changed my Position, I Felt in My Lower Abdomen Like I Was Cut

Is this normal? The pain that you are describing is known as round ligament pain and is caused by the sudden stretching of the round ligaments (the 2 big ligaments which stick the uterus by the pelvis). This tends to be even more painful between the weeks 14 and 20 of pregnancy, because even though your uterus is heavier, he`s still not able to support the entire weight on the hip bones (which is usually happening around the second half of the second trimester of pregnancy). Round ligament pain can be very alarming (and painful), but it`s not something to worry about.

Sometimes I`m Out for a Walk and I Feel My Abdomen Tight and Hardened

Should I be worried? The situation you are confronting may be happening due to mild contractions triggered by physical activity. They may be concerning and inconvenient, but in general you shouldn’t worry about them. This being said, it`s a good idea to try and familiarize with the signs of premature labor so you can make the difference between abdominal contractions and premature labor contractions. When in doubt, you should tend towards the idea of premature birth. It`s best to think you are in labor, because it`s better to notice that it was a false alarm than to give birth to a baby in unsuited for premature birth.

The Glucose Test Didn`t Go Well

Does this mean I have gestational diabetes? The glucose test, which last for about an hour, may indicate just as the same that you have an increased risk of gestational diabetes. The chances of experiencing gestational diabetes for the persons who didn`t do well for this test are of 15%. The only way to know for sure is to visit a hospital and do a specific test.

I`m in Week 15

Suddenly, I don`t feel pregnant anymore. Could something be wrong? At the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy, you may not feel almost any sign coming from the baby. The symptoms of fatigue and nausea from the first trimester have already started to disappear. You may contact a doctor to discuss your concerns at this point. Something simple as listening to your baby`s heart beats may help that everything is going according to the plan. – Read more!

I Cannot Believe How Hormonal I Behave

I feel like I become crazy. There`s no one that denies this. The pregnancy`s cocktail of hormones that you are describing might make you feel sad at one moment and very enthusiastic and happy in very next moment. Fortunately, these effects are temporary.

I`m Worried that the Baby Will Affect the Relation with My Partner

This may make you feel more unite or if there are any problems in your relation, it might make you break up. The best way to solve this particular issue is by discussing it. Talk to your partner about what you feel and how you can solve this problem. Make everything possible to have a communication as open as possible.

I`m not Sure if We Have Enough Financial Resources to Take Care of the Baby

The statistics about the financial costs of raising a baby may scary you a bit. Fortunately, a baby doesn`t have to ruin you financially. If you know how to make the difference between what is necessary and what isn`t, such as buying second-hand clothing instead of new ones, and even being able to borrow baby gear for your friends, you`ll notice that the financial costs for raising your baby will be dramatically reduced.

While you may be used to the concerns of your second trimester of pregnancy, it will soon be time to prepare to enter the third one.

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