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Pregnancy Photography Ideas: 10 Cool Examples to Capture those 9 Months

When you are expecting, you are definitely interested in some creative pregnancy photography ideas to better immortalize these 9 months. For this, we created a list with some cool ideas to capture this great period in your life. Alone or with your husband, on the beach or not, at the end of your pregnancy you`ll have a great album with pictures that you can show to your close ones and then with your child.


If you want some original pictures to capture the moment when you are pregnant, you could walk to a photo studio. Here you`ll be spoiled with professional makeup, but also with a few extraordinary shots. Here are a few models below which may inspire you, especially because the effect given by the air movement is wonderful.

You don`t really need to use the services of a professional photographer or a package from a studio. You can arrange this at home: you can purchase a huge chunk of delicate material, slightly transparent, and with a ventilator you can play around looking for that perfect picture. You can even ask for help from your partner or a friend. Don`t forget! It isn`t that important to the picture to look perfect, but rather how you feel when you take it – the memory that remains behind is what is important.

pregnancy breeze picture

Next to the Future Father

For your album to be perfect, it would be best if it would include photos of the future father. If you lack of inspiration regarding positions or angles, you can inspire from these pictures below.

For instance, It would be fun to make a picture right before starting to arrange the baby`s room. Thus, you`ll play around and also be able to show your child at some point how it all started with his room. Any details will be important later when you`ll gladly remember all these moments.

pregnancy pictures ideas for couples

Another suggestion would be to go outside. There are a lot options in nature for wonderful pictures that you can never take indoors. The backgrounds would be superb, and the little one would be able to see when will be older how much joy he was able to brought you. What`s important is to be natural and not try to capture yourself in forced hugs or unnatural positions. The discomfort will immediately be noticed a picture.

Body Painting

You didn`t thought of this, right? Well, it would be a great idea for unique pictures during pregnancy. Dare to shoot yourself differently than you would normally do. Think about some models of design and let yourself in the hands of experts. If you have a friend with a talent in drawing or tattoos, than you are even luckier!

Do you like flowers or you started all over again to watch cartoons since you became pregnant? Then you can use this example in your photo session.

unique maternity photos

With Symbolic Accessories

Balloons, baby clothes, boots or cute little dresses – all these can be symbolic accessories for you to make unique pictures during pregnancy. Don’t forget that at photo sessions you need to have fun. It`s all about you.

We recommend you to laugh as much as you can and enjoy every moment from the photo shooting. Your child will also smile when will see that his mommy was happy when she was pregnant.

maternity photos what to wear


Flowers always represent a source of inspiration. Also, they always bring a splash of color, beauty and delicacy in pictures. So, we recommend that you use them in your photos.

Also, you can play around with new positions and angles until you are satisfied with your results.

pregnant with roses


When you want to do original pictures when being pregnant, don`t only stay in the house! Go outside, enjoy the weather and the sun, go to the park, or watch the yellowed leaves of autumn or the snow. Even if outside will be a bit cold, you shouldn`t worry! The photos will be great if you choose a good location and a proper outfit.

maternity picture ideas outdoors

And don`t forget to choose colorful clothes. This way, the photos will be full of life. However, if you`ll find a field of poppies, the scenery will do everything for you!

In White

The white color is representative for innocence, purity and miracles. Bringing up a child into this world is always a miracle, so we recommend you to dress yourself in white when you make your shooting. Delicate clothing, transparent, lace, silk or feminine items are ideal.


On the Beach

On the beach you could get some of the most beautiful photos during pregnancy. The scenery will be spectacular, and will all look perfect due to the beauty that is given by your pregnancy. You could choose several outfits and you could take shots at sunrise or sunset, when you`ll see an explosion of colors on the sky.

pregnancy pictures on the beach


If you are pregnant, it doesn`t mean you lost your sensuality. On the contrary, if you know how, you can capture very well this side of you, which will never go away. You`ll be surprised to see how many great pictures you can make, even in the last month of pregnancy.

sensual pregnancy photos

We recommend you to use colors about which you know that they best suit you. Don`t forget that red is the color of passion and sensuality.

Under the Water

If you want to express your pregnancy as best you can, then you can do this under water. The photos will be original. You may need a little courage, but the effort is worth it.

If you want your pictures to be more spectacular, then you can also use a small crown of flowers on which you can catch your hair. Also, don`t forget to pick a nice dress, colorful, which when will float in the water will give the one taking pictures an interesting feeling.

pregnancy pictures in the water

The coming of a child into this world is a blessing for his parents. But you as a mother, you most definitely want a photo album from your 9 months of pregnancy. Now you have some great pregnancy photography ideas that you can use.

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