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Pregnant for the Second Time: 8 Things to Consider!

Pregnancy is considered to be the most beautiful period of a woman`s life. Although not all of them are lucky enough to experience the feeling of being a mother, other ones are lucky enough to become mothers more than ones.

Contemplating Differences

It`s very probable for this to be the first question which passes through your mind when you`ll find out you are expecting another child: how will this pregnancy be any different than your first one?

While you may need a crystal ball to predict exactly how your body and mind will react while they`ll start their journey again on the Motherhood street – after all, every pregnancy is different – it`s possible to make a few correct assumptions on the way things will go even from the start until birth.

You May Be Less Concerned with the Pregnancy this Time

After all, it`s much more difficult to afford the luxury of the time necessary for meditating on a new pregnancy, while you are running after a preschooler around the house. If you notice you are feeling guilty because you are letting your daily chores distract you from the joy of being pregnant, try to give yourself a few mitigating circumstances: you`ll have enough time for your new baby after birth. – More info!

You May Be Concerned You Won`t Love your New Baby as the First One

You may start have feelings of concern that you may not be able to love your second child as your first baby, or that you`ll ruin the second child`s life by bring a second child into this world. While there may be a few small differences and obstacles during the first few weeks or months from the life of the new baby, there`s no doubt that you`ll be able to erase these worries from your list pretty quickly. You`ll adjust your life at the arrival of your new baby and so will your first baby. – Click here!

It`s Possible to Feel More Tired this Time

Do you remember the good days when you could cope with bloating during your first days of pregnancy by lying into bed early in the evening or when you lied down on the couch in those weekend afternoons? Even if your partner suffers a great deal to make sure that you are receiving your dose of rest, your mother instinct won`t let you relax and unwind while your child will play alone in the other room. Add to this also that you need to do a night shift from time to time for your new baby, and it`s possible to notice that sleeping is part of your distant dreams right now.

This Time Your Pregnancy May Become Obvious Sooner

Because your uterus has already been in this situation and your abdominal muscles may not be so strong as first time, you could expect for your pregnancy to become obvious sooner than the first time when you were pregnant. Some of the pregnant women for their second time find out, in fact, that they need to wear the maternity clothes a lot sooner than when passing into their second trimester of pregnancy. – Also read Conception Related Q&A: 10 Most Common Facts!

This Time You May Feel your Baby Sooner

Because you are already one of the professionals when talking about detecting fetal movements, you can expect to start feeling the movements of your baby a few weeks sooner this time. Those who are mothers for their first time sometimes find it difficult to make the difference between the fetal movements and the gastrointestinal sensations. Of course, as with anything related to pregnancy, this thing can also vary: if the baby decides to position himself towards the back of the uterus and not the front, you may find it difficult to detect too many fetal movements until entering your second half of pregnancy. – Read more!

The Second Labor May Be Shorter

But there are no quarantines! Just as there is no pattern that could match to all pregnancies, there`s also no pattern to match all labors. While most women find that the second labor evolve a lot sooner as the first one (the average rate of cervical dilation is of 1.2 cm per hour for the first child and 1.5 cm per hour for the second birth, and the average length of the pushing stage varies between 1 and 2 hours for the first child and less than 1 hour for the second one), you won`t know for sure if this will be also your case until you won`t actually be in labor.

It`s Possible as After Birth Pains to Be a Lot Stronger Now

While it`s possible not to remember the moments with the after birth pains of your first child, it`s unlikely to forget these uterine contractions. In fact, some mothers need painkillers now to face these painful contractions. While this type of pains is a sign that your uterus does exactly what it needs to do – it turns back to its original stage before pregnancy – some women these contractions to be similar to those from labor. Of course, it`s not all pain and condemnation when it comes to the second pregnancy. A lot of women who are pregnant for their second time find that they are capable of relaxing and enjoying this second pregnancy a lot more than their first one. After all, they are professionals now when it comes to pregnancies.

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