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5 Problems during the Third Trimester of Pregnancy that Will Make You Go Insane

The last trimester of pregnancy is full of challenges. If you`ll read below, you`ll find out some of the most common problems that a pregnant woman can confront with during the third trimester of pregnancy. If you are aware of them before going through them, you may find it easier to get over them, especially if you`ll implement the solutions outlined below.

You May Confront with Sleep Disturbances

While childbirth approaches, namely from the third trimester of pregnancy, most of us may have troubles sleeping. They may be caused by any of the following factors.

Intense Joint and Back Pain

Due to the intensification of the production process of relaxin, ligaments and tissues around them may become more sensitive, which may cause some pains, first in the pelvis and then lower back. Therefore, you may not be able to find a comfortable sleeping position no matter how much you try and eventually, you may have find difficult to sleep.

Walking Around during the Night

A study performed recently showed that almost 97% of women in the last trimester of pregnancy have confronted at least once with the need of getting out of bed and walking around the house during the night. In some cases, they wake up and walking around during the night almost daily, which will significantly disrupt the sleeping process.

Cramps in the Lower Limbs

During the third trimester of pregnancy, there`s the possibility to experience frequent muscle cramps due to an increased level of phosphorus and calcium in the organism. They may also disrupt your sleep, especially if they happen frequently. – More info!

Fortunately, there are a series of solutions meant to help you sleep better even in your last trimester:

  • Sleep in one side – This way, you`ll stimulate blood flow to better circulate to your organs and baby.
  • Try to get yourself a special pillow for pregnancy (this may have various shapes or sizes, and will help you find a comfortable position for you to sleep).
  • If you experience muscles cramps, try to avoid sodas as much as possible.
  • If you have snoring issues, go to a doctor to check your blood pressure and proteins in urine. It`s necessary to know in advance to avoid confronting yourself with serious problems related to preeclampsia.
  • Regularly check your iron and magnesium levels – A deficiency of these minerals may cause muscle cramps.
  • Don`t force yourself to sleep because you must. You can very well get yourself a book or a relaxing magazine and you`ll see that sleep will catch up with you, little by little.

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Our Sexual Desire Knows Significant Fluctuations

If during the first and at the end of the second trimester of pregnancy it`s possible to deal with a decrease in sexual desire, due to many hormonal changes or frequency of nausea, during the third trimester we may confront ourselves with one of the following situations:

  • We`ll be willing to be sexually active, given that the intensification of blood and body fluids will lead to a better irrigation of the vaginal area and breasts.
  • We may not want to be so much sexually active, given that we may feel fat or “deformed,” and muscle cramps and swelling feet make us feel most of the times uncomfortable. In addition, sleepless nights will make us tired and, therefore, we may not feel like doing sex so much.

Experts claim any of these reactions are pretty normal and that it`s up to us if we continue to have sexual activity or not during the last few months. If the pregnancy develops normally and we are healthy, we may continue with our sexual life just the same, as long as we can find new sexual positions in which we can feel comfortable. – Read more!

And if we don`t feel sexual attraction for our partner, an honest discussion on the subject can make wonders for the relationship to stay healthy. There are many other ways to enjoy moment of intimacy. For example, frequent hugs, gentle touches, kisses or simply holding hands can still help us feel good in the relationship.

You Aren`t Able to Put your Favorite Shoes

Most pregnancy women (about 3 out of 4) confront themselves during the third trimester (more exactly around weeks 22 – 27) with swelling legs. This is determined by the fact that during pregnancy, body fluids become more important quantitatively (to be useful for you and the baby) and, therefore, will accumulate more in the tissues. Practically, experts warn us that the enhanced blood flow and increased uterus on the veins in the pelvic area, especially on the vena cava (this has the role to return the blood from the inferior part of the body back to the heart), will lead to an increased volume of liquids in tissues. Also, weight gain may lead to swelling legs as well (especially ankle area).

Although it`s not pleasant at all, moderate swelling of legs during pregnancy is normal and harmless. Only if the swelling worsens and if you`ll experience severe swelling in your hands or face, it`s time to consult a doctor immediately, as this may involve preeclampsia.

However, doctors are able to give us some tips for the improvement of swelling legs:

  • Avoid staying down too much.
  • Be careful at the position of your legs when you are sitting down (for instance, don`t keep them cross, one leg over another or under your body).
  • Sleep on one side.
  • Do more exercises.
  • Avoid socks/tight clothing.
  • Hydrate yourself sufficiently.
  • Consume salt in moderation.

Therefore, swelling legs may determine us to avoid our favorite shoes, especially if they have high heels, laces or buckles.

But there`s also another reason for which we cannot enjoy them during the last trimester of pregnancy: our leg has a bigger size. Although at first glance it seems hard to believe, experts tell us it`s a natural phenomenon given that while we approach our due date, our body will secrete relaxin (a hormone produced by ovaries, breast tissue and the placenta, which will determine the relaxation of the uterus and pelvic ligaments to easy the process of birth). Therefore, ligaments and bones can be extended. We shouldn`t be surprised if we soon find out that now we wear shoes half a number or a number more in size.

Most of the times, even after childbirth, the leg won`t resume the size it had before, so it may be the case to get shoes with bigger numbers.

You Experience All Sorts of Change in Appetite

If during the first trimester of pregnancy nausea and vomiting has given you a lot of problems, during the third quarter you may confront yourself with disorder related to your appetite. Most pregnant women may experience hunger “attacks” and unusual lusts, while other ones may experience heartburn and stomach pains, which in turn might lead to sudden hunger.

Generally, experts advise us to small meals more often, so that we don`t find ourselves in the situation to have to eat too much all at once. In fact, it will be ideal to have main meals with small snacks in between, which should provide us a well balanced nutrition.

At the same time, if we notice that we gain too much weight, it`s best not to eat every time we are hungry. We need to consider that a weight that is too big is harmful for us and our baby. Doctors recommend for the last trimester of pregnancy to eat an additional of 300 – 350 calories than we usually eaten.

Exacerbation of Sense of Smell

Most of us have confronted with an intensified sense of smell even from early pregnancy. According to experts, the blame for this phenomenon is again due to hormonal fluctuations, especially estrogen, which make us particularly susceptible to olfactory stimuli.

But while our pregnancy progresses, the phenomenon continues, given that the increased amounts of fluids in our body will lead to the intensification of blood flow to the brain, which will also determine overstimulation of olfactory receptors and, from here, special increase of odor reception.

To make it easier to adapt to our new circumstances, we may use any of the situations below:

  • Eat/cook only what you really like and if you can stand the odor of the respective food.
  • Ventilate your home as often as possible.
  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Maintain cleanliness in your home.
  • Give up on deodorants with strong flavors (including those used for hygiene in the house).
  • Avoid people who smoke.
  • Tell your close ones that you cannot stand certain odors.
  • Surround yourself only by flavors that you can stand for.

Did you heard of other problems during the third trimester of pregnancy that can really make us go insane?

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