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10 Promises You Won`t Keep Once You Become a Mother

Lots of women who don`t have a child yet discuss the subject, with the honest thought that they`ll be the best, correct and wise mothers in the world.

Promises Once You Become a Mother

How many times did you hear yourself that you won`t do one thing or another when the idea of being a mother was just a thought?

Well, from the moment your baby is in your arms, all the taboos will crumble and you find a new woman inside of you with more courage than ever and a determination of which only mothers are capable of. Remember what you swear that you never do and see if you can find yourself in our examples.

I Won`t Ever Breastfeed My Baby in Public without Covering My Breast!

It`s true that not all mothers feel comfortable breastfeeding their baby in public. But what there`s to do if the baby starts crying and won`t stop until you breastfeeding him? You don`t have your blanket with you to cover yourself, so what do you do? You did it at least once, isn`t it? If someone surprised you by mistake it was maybe a bit embarrassing, but still, it`s something natural.

I Won`t Ever Let My Child Behave Improperly in Public!

Small children often have unpredictable behaviors, no matter how much you struggled to educate him properly. When the little ones are tired, hungry or don`t feel too good, things can go wrong rather easily.

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I Won`t Ever Feed Him with Formula!

Lots of mothers don`t have a problem with lactation. Still, they choose not to breastfeed. It`s easy to say that you won`t ever feed your little one with formula, however, breastfeeding isn`t always a comfortable thing for some women. It may happen at some point for breastfeeding naturally to discourage yourself or simply to not have enough milk. – Read this!

I Won`t Ever Sleep in the Same Bed with my Baby!

Did you thought that you were going to take turns around the bed just not to take him next to you for at least 1 hour to calm him down? Although before you were afraid that the little one won`t be safe in your bed or you wanted to get him used with being independent even from the cradle, all those times when feeling tired made you more permissive. Teach the little one to sleep alone, but offer him the attention he needs when he doesn`t calm down. – More details!

I Won`t Let Him Use the Pacifier after 1 Year!

If before you used to be horrified when you saw a child of 2 years old with the pacifier in his mouth, now you`ll probably see the advantage (a more calm child) than the risks of using a pacifier for a longer period of time (caries, difficulty in speaking).

I Won`t Let Him Be Moody about Food!

Well yeah, but what you are going to do when he won`t want to take the food you are giving him? Are you going to starve him? Now that you are a mother, you noticed that a small child can make you go crazy with his stubbornness. On the other hand, maybe he doesn`t like a certain food, so what good will do you to force him?

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I Won`t Ever Let Him Cry for too Long! Or on the Contrary!

Before becoming a mother, you definitely were in the other category: you thought you are going to show him affection or distract his attention when crying, or on the contrary, you weren`t going to let yourself impressed. Like outlining above, now you feel yourself more permissive. You try to calm him down when crying or let him finishing crying, depending on the gravity of the situation. – Click here!

I Won`t Keep Him in Diapers after 2 Years!

It seems like a promise easy to keep, until you face the potty`s test. You`ll notice that all the accessories in the world won`t sometimes convince him to use the potty. Don`t despair, he`ll use the potty sooner or later, but you need to let him be ready for it.

I Won`t Ever Tell Him: “Because I`ve Said so!”

This will happen until you`ll feel exasperated, and you`ll eventually do it. Of course, you`ll try to be patient and explain to him the situation every time he`ll ask the same thing 1,000 times. But if you notice that the little one doesn`t care about you say, at 1,001 you may give up and cum him short with this reaction that you said you`ll never do.

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I Won`t Ever Forget about Myself!

This is a promise that you can keep only if you have your grandparents, a nanny or a maid next to you, who can help you with all the chores regarding the little one. But this way it`s possible to stay this way until getting old. Therefore, you`ll most likely are going to break this promise as well.

Don`t discourage yourself! We all change our minds as we make steps through life. Flexibility is a very natural thing and is even recommended if you want to keep the frustrations away.

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