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Prunes during Pregnancy: Health Benefits & Nutritional Values

What do you think about prunes during pregnancy? Prunes are part of the category of fruits which can be consumed anytime. Their flavor is reminiscent of the beginning of autumn`s sweetness and are ideal in salty foods and desserts. But first of all, they are very healthy.

Although they look rather the same, they are so different from candied fruits – the first ones will do you a lot of good, while the last ones not so much. You should always try to add proper foods in your diet while pregnant, and prunes can be one of those foods.

Prunes during Pregnancy – Health Benefits!

There are lots of advantages to take into account if you choose to eat prunes while being pregnant. Let`s take a look at some of them.

Antioxidant Protection

Both plums (fresh fruits) and prunes (dried fruits) were the subject of numerous studies and this is due to their high content of phytonutrients known as neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acids. The substances found in prunes are called phenols, and their properties have been extensively studied. These substances are especially known for their efficiency in neutralizing the free radical of the oxygen known as superoxide anion.

The ability of prunes to stop the harm done by oxygen to our cells is also given the content of beta carotene. This functions as an antioxidant, eliminating free radicals.

Potassium for Cardiovascular Health & Strong Bones

According to the latest studies, prunes are a good source of potassium, an essential mineral for maintaining a normal blood pressure and good function of the heart.

The efficiency of foods rich in potassium in lowering blood pressure have been proven in plenty of research. In one of these studies, experts have been analyzed 40.000 American men for 4 years to determine the effects of the diet on blood pressure. Men with a diet rich in potassium, as well as magnesium and fibers, have shown a decreased risk of heart attack.

Among the benefits that it offers to the cardiovascular system, potassium from prunes can help you maintain your bones healthy during pregnancy. Potassium can help in stopping the loss of calcium through urine and so it helps in preventing bone thinning.

Normalizing Blood Sugar Levels & Helping in Losing Weight

The soluble fibers from prunes help in normalizing blood sugar levels by increasing the time spent by foods in the stomach and delaying the absorption of glucose (the form in which the sugar is transported through blood) after meals. Soluble fibers also help in increasing the sensitivity of insulin and so it plays an important role in preventing and treating type 2 diabetes. These fibers also offer a sensation of fullness, increasing the time spent by foods in the stomach and so they can help you eat less and lose weight.

Fibers Help in Reducing Cholesterol & Offers Intestinal Protection

Prunes are known for their ability in preventing constipation. Among the fact that they help with intestinal transit and in this way reduce the risk for colon cancer and hemorrhoids, insoluble fibers offer “food” to good bacteria from the large intestine. When these bacteria ferment insoluble fibers, they produce a small chain of fatty acids known as butyric acids, which serve as fuel for the cells of the large intestine and helps in maintaining the health of the colon. These bacteria also create 2 small chains of fatty acids, acetic and propionic acids, which are used as fuel for the cells in the liver and muscles.

Propionic acid can be partially responsible for the properties of reducing the cholesterol offered by fibers. In the studies made on animals, it was shown that propionic acid helps in reducing the level of cholesterol in blood.

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that a high intake of foods rich in fibers, such as prunes, helps in preventing heart diseases. The study was conducted over a period of 19 years and included 10,000 of American participants.

Fibers Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer in Postmenopause

According to a study involving 51,823 postmenopausal women, the consumption of fibers rich in fibers reduces the risk of breast cancer with 34%.

Helps with the Absorption of Iron

The ability of plums and prunes in helping with the absorption of iron by the organism was analyzed by lots of studies and it seems it`s given by the vitamin C from this fruit.prunes during pregnancy

Nutritional Values

In 100g, there are:

  • 240 – Calories
  • 85g – Proteins
  • 38g – Carbohydrates
  • 7g – Fibers (23% from the necessary daily intake of fibers)
  • 22g – Water
  • 781 units – Vitamin A (10% from the necessary daily dose)
  • 6mg – Vitamin C
  • 69mg – Phosphorus
  • 732g – Potassium
  • 2g – Iron
  • 500g – Lutein (Veritable vitamin for the eyes)
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