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Are You Ready To Have A Child, But Your Partner Is Not?

If you are reading this, you probably think about having a child. A baby is the most beautiful thing in the world. Still, some women choose to have a baby from other reasons, either to fill a void in their life, either by solving problems in their marriage. However, most of them decide of having a baby because it`s the natural way of things and they really want a child. It`s said that a woman cannot feel fulfilled until becomes a mother.

Still, between being ready to have a child and wanting a baby is a big difference. A baby arrived into a relationship involves a lot of factors; the couple need to be in a steady relationship, with no tension, and to be financially stable because you are aware that a baby means new necessities, and last but not least, the 2 partners need to have a certain maturity.

But what happens when you, as a woman, want to become a mother very badly, and your husband/partner doesn`t want the same thing, either at all, or consider that it`s not the right moment?

Before you panic, you should think about answering a series of questions with sincerity.

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Have You Discussed About Having Children Before Getting Married?

Ideally, this subject needs to be discussed before marriage to know clearly even from the beginning what everyone wants from the marriage itself. Did he told you even before getting married that he doesn`t want a child or that he wants to wait a while before making this step? If he told even before being husband and wife that he doesn`t want children and you still got married with him hoping that you`ll change his mind, it`s possible you may have been wrong. It doesn`t mean that it`s impossible to change his mind and still want to become a father some day. – More info!

How Old Are You and your Partner?

If you just become a couple, maybe you shouldn`t hurry. Think well and wait to make this step when you both agree that it`s a good idea. There still time! You need to allow your partner to get used with the idea and even want the same thing as you. But he should come to feel this on its own, not feel obligated.

How Important Is for You to Have Children?

If you are the kind of person that doesn`t even conceive the idea of not having children and this would especially make you happy and fulfilled, then you definitely need to find a solution. However, you won`t gain anything if you end the relationship and try to find someone else, just to have a baby. Anyway, letting things to work on their may also not be such a good idea, because time will flow, but not on your behalf.

What to Do if You Want Children, and your Partner Not?

This is a question that every woman should consider, to weigh the advantages and disadvantages very well, to evaluate the relationship, to see how willing are the two, as a couple, to compromise. Most often, one of the partners needs to make a compromise in such a case. You should talk with your partner openly about your desire of having a child.

Also, you could expose your partner to other families with children. Step by step, he may discover that he really want to have his own child. – Click here!

Establish very clearly if he never wants to have children or if he thinks only now it`s not a good time. In this last case, the only option would be for you to be patient. You shouldn`t hurry, give him time to get used with the idea and come to want a baby as well. However, if he doesn`t want to have a baby, not now or later, then you really need to consider if you are willing to stay together and regret it later that you don`t have a child, or hoe that maybe at some point he`ll change his mind about the idea being a parent. – Read this!

Don`t try to lead things to a fight from which no one has anything to win. Usually, there are many questions to ask from both sides: “Why don`t you want…?” or “Why do you want….?”, but the decision of having a child isn`t about logic, so he may not be able to give you a “correct” answer. It`s a decision from the “heart,” you want because you feel it in your soul, and this cannot be put into words or justifications, but it also cannot be imposed to another person who doesn`t feel the same way.

Don`t Try too much, but Don`t Avoid Either!

A compromise adopted by many couples is not to actually try to have a baby, but not protect against this either. Still, don`t take this decision alone, because you need to both agree to this. We don`t try to have a baby, but we don`t protect too much either. Whatever God will want!

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